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DCS Global Technology Conference - Presentations, Videos, Interviews - Find Out More in the April DCS Digest

Apr 28, 2021 11:53:30 AM
Dimensional Control Systems, Inc.
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April prepares us for the upcoming DCS User Conference. Learn how to reduce scrap, rework, and non-conformance from leaders in dimensional management across multiple industries.
Tuesday, May 11th at the DCS Global Technology Conference
Analyzing the impossible with the 3DCS Pattern Move
Learn about the new feature in the Rigid Pattern move where the user can also float slots onto pins and tabs. This is what is covered in this presentation:
  • About Pattern Rigid Move
  • New Feature
  • Float-Hole-Slot-Pin Pattern
  • Applications
  • Examples
Collision Detection
Introducing the two new functions added in 3DCS that help to detect Collision. In this session we will cover:
Existing difficulties faced in the Engineering Industry on Collision Detection
  • 3DCS's new solution for Collision Detection.
  • How to generate Measurement with our new Collision Detection Generator GUI.
  • How to write measurements using Part Distance Measure.
  • Internal Calculation and understand the Results
  • Ease of Use compared to the previous method
Single Part Tolerance Analysis
Learn how and why to do it. This session will cover.
Typical Tolerance analysis
  • What is Single Part Analysis (SPA)?
  • Why do SPA?
  • What do you get from SPA?
  • Requirements for SPA
  • How to do SPA
  • What you can get from SPA
Learn Tips and Applications with DCS How-Tos
Thursday, May 13th at the DCS Global Technology Conference
Top Efficiency Features in 3DCS
Learn some of the great efficiency improving features and hidden gems within the 3DCS software. In this session we will cover:
  • The Feature Move: When can this be used to save time?
  • Model Variants: Use this to check multiple variants of the same 3DCS model!
  • The Relationships Tree: How can the new Relationships Tree be used to make sure our model is complete?
  • Alias Display: How can Alias Display save time in the modeling process?
  • And much more!
3DCS and Worst Case
Learn about the options within 3DCS to perform a Worst Case study. We will cover:
  • GeoFactor and BiModal Analysis
  • Statistical vs. Worst Case Results
  • The impact of Bonus (LMC/MMC) and Datum Shift (MMB/LMB) on a Worst Case study
  • 3D effects for a Worst Case analysis
Gap Analysis Case Study
Amitrano will present a case study showing the analysis of gap and flush on a washing machine drum system to control variation from extreme geometric effects.
Electrolux Brazil
TATA Consultancy Services
Custom DLL Measurements
Kamal and Swamy will present the method they took to creating a custom measurement DLL to cover a powertrain case they were solving
Datum Qualifiers in GD&T
Tave Hass explains common mistakes on selecting Datums on drawings including exceptions, helpful tips, and things to look out for.
DCS 2021 Global Technology and User Conference
DCS is proud to announce the May 11-13th, 2021 DCS Global Technology and User Conference.
Only $75 to attend, or $175 for your ENTIRE company!
As a VIRTUAL EVENT, the DCS User Conference is easy to attend, and very affordable, allowing you to get access to the latest news, technology, and progress on SPC and tolerance analysis including the launch of TWO new products from DCS, over a dozen stories, case studies, and presentations from leading manufacturers, and helpful how-to walkthroughs of 3DCS and QDM functions and features.
Why Attend the DCS Global Technology and User Conference?
  1. Presentations by more than a dozen leading global OEM's
  2. Walkthroughs on new products and features from DCS
  3. Vision showcases about the future of DCS products and PLM connections
  4. LIVE Chat rooms and Q&A sessions with presenters, your colleagues, and DCS experts
  5. Video how-to's and guides
  6. 4 weeks to log in and see anything you missed!
What Else Will You See?
Some of the companies that will be presenting are:
  • FCA / Stellantis on Supplier Quality Assurance and Early Design Optimization
  • Daimler on simulating early design variants for improved assembly
  • Electrolux Brazil on gap analysis and design changes to control geometric effects
  • Lockheed Martin Sikorsky showcasing their use of simulation to reduce physical prototyping
In addition to learning from other companies, you’ll be able to see new and upcoming features coming to 3DCS like:
  • Collision Detection for component contact
  • New Gear Modeling to analyze gearbox assemblies
  • Datum Locator Optimization to improve assembly
  • New Updates to Pattern Move for Float-Hole-Slot-Pin Pattern
Thank you for reading our newsletter. You can reply to it with any comments or questions and I'll be happy to help you.
Ben Reese, DCS Marketing

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