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Webinar - The Modeling Process - Methods and Tips on Preparing and Creating 3DCS Models with Guest Bordrin Automotive

Understanding the Modeling Process with Bordrin Automotive 

Bordrin and DCS are collaborating to demonstrate the modeling process, and most importantly, the steps before modeling that help ensure a successful project

DCS is proud to be presenting alongside Bordrin Automotive Senior Advanced Manufacturing Engineer Vince Radziecki Thursday, December 12th at 11 am EST via Gotowebinar -

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5 Reasons You Need an SPC System

5 Reasons You Need an SPC System


SPC has traditionally been a tool of the large manufacturers, but with new technology, it is now available for smaller suppliers on the Cloud


SPC - Statistical Process Control - is not new. It has been used for decades to analyze parts and processes in manufacturing and make adjustments to reduce waste and defects. What is new are two things: the range of automation and software that supports SPC, and the ability to use it farther and farther down the supply chain. The tools are no longer massive systems that need hundreds of thousands of dollars and large teams to maintain, but Cloud based systems that can be set up quickly and used effectively, and affordably, by just a few users. 

This access to SPC promises cost savings at every level of the supply chain, and at many levels that have traditionally simply dealt with quality problems as a matter of doing business. 

With access to SPC available, why would you want to adopt an SPC system?

Here are five reasons why adopting an SPC system is a good idea: 

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Closed-loop Manufacturing at Jaguar Land Rover

Closed-loop manufacturing at Jaguar Land Rover

Originally published in Smart Industry Magazine -

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The Quality Show -- What Were Attendees Quality Issues Blocking SPC Adoption?


Attendees at The Quality Show Wanted to Adopt SPC But Often Had Concerns

Statistical Process Control and Quality Monitoring promise cost savings, product improvement, and other benefits, but often overlook the barriers to adoption

[For those wondering: What is Statistical Process Control, SPC?]

SPC sounds amazing, especially from the vendors that provide it (we're guilty too). It promises all kinds of benefits:

  1. Cost savings
  2. Time savings
  3. Rapid problem solving
  4. Powerful root cause analysis
  5. Clear communication with suppliers and organization
  6. Standardized reporting 
  7. Real-time quality monitoring
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Webinar Thursday - Xform - How to Use Common X Form Routines

Learn How to Use XForm Move Which Allows Parts to be Translated, Rotated, or Transformed by Specific Amounts

DCS to Host a Webinar on XForm - a 3DCS Built-in Tool for Moving Parts by Specific Values

This month's webinar will demonstrate how to use the XForm DLL - a built-in tool for 3DCS. The purpose of this module is to allow parts or features to be translated, rotated or transformed by a specific amount. This amount can be a specified as a constant value or a calculated value from a measurement.

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SOLIDWORKS PMI - Save Time by Using SOLIDWORKS PMI and GD&T for DVA Dimensional Variation Analysis

SOLIDWORKS PMI and GD&T Reduce Confusion and Improve Efficiency in Dimensional Variation Analysis - DVA

Utilizing your PMI and GD&T written in your CAD platform can save you from re-creating all of your tolerances, and reduce the chance for errors in dimensional variation analyses

Integrated tolerance analysis makes it easy to take advantage of CAD PMI and GD&T. Many CAD platforms have tools to create and validate GD&T, and can be used to improve the DVA process.  

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Webinar - Batch Processor - Running Multiple Analyses for Dimensional Variation Studies

August Webinar - How to Use Batch Processor for Multiple Analyses

Batch Processor allows for multiple models and analysis to be run sequentially through a line code

When: August 29th, 11 am EST via Gotowebinar

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How to Update Your Dimensional Variation Model with Design or Engineering Changes in SOLIDWORKS

How to Incorporate Engineering and CAD Model Changes into Your Dimensional Variation Analysis

CAD model and part updates are common during most product life-cycles and design phases, but can be difficult to incorporate into existing studies. 3DCS streamlines this process to make it easy to update existing and current analyses.

Dimensional engineers are often setting up their models and studies while the design team continues to revise the  CAD model that the analyses are based upon. As the designers continue to revise the model with engineering changes, design changes, and process changes, these updated CAD parts are passed to the engineers who need to update their studies.

In many cases, this can cause issues, as 1D stacks and many Excel based studies need to be started from the beginning with new parts, changes in hole sizes or location, or the addition of new features. 3DCS, however, has some quick tools to bypass these issues, making the use of new and updated parts easy. 

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Dimensional Variation Analysis  in SOLIDWORKS - Opening and Assembling Your Product

Dimensional Variation Analysis DVA in SOLIDWORKS CAD

Open your Dimensional Variation Analysis software in SOLIDWORKS and assemble your product virtually

3DCS is now fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS. Inside the SOLIDWORKS platform, 3DCS is activated as two add-on workbenches:

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SOLIDWORKS Tolerance Analysis -- See the NEW Integrated Manufacturing Simulation Tool 3DCS

Thursday Webinar -- See the NEW Integrated SOLIDWORKS Manufacturing Simulation and Tolerance Analysis Software

DCS is releasing a new version of 3DCS integrated into SOLIDWORKS CAD Software, and is showcasing this new version Thursday, July 25th at 11 am EST via GotoWebinar.

The New version of 3DCS integrated into SOLIDWORKS is coming soon! This webinar will showcase the product with a variety of modeling techniques and inputs. With multi-stage modeling as well as standard Moves, Tolerances, and Measures, there is something to see for both new users and experienced 3DCS modelers. 

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