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DCS at IMTS 2018 - Showcasing Closed Loop Manufacturing

DCS Showcases Closed Loop Manufacturing at IMTS 2018 - Connecting CAD and SPC Systems

Using CAD to create measurement plans, and feeding measurement data back into the CAD model closes the loop on quality

DCS Vice President of Sales, Donald Jasurda, works with Chris Peuterbaugh, DCS Project Coordinator, to demonstrate integrated tolerance analysis and its connection to QDM SPC Software. 

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Dimensional Control Systems Combines CAD and SPC Software to Deliver Closed Loop Manufacturing at IMTS 2018

Dimensional Control Systems Combines CAD and SPC Software to Deliver Closed Loop Manufacturing at IMTS 2018

Dimensional Control Systems shows how Closed Loop connects CAD design with SPC measurement automation and supplier quality

Dimensional Control Systems (DCS), a quality software solutions provider,  will be showcasing successes in Closed Loop Manufacturing at the 2018 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago Illinois, September10-15, 2018. The event will be held at the McCormick Place in downtown Chicago, along with eight other co-located events bringing together over one hundred thousand manufacturing and quality professionals from across the world.

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Defects Per Million Opportunities (DPMO) and Z Scores -- Diving into the Six-Sigma Rabbit Hole

Six-Sigma Programs - Using Defects Per Million Opportunities in 3DCS 

Defects Per Million Opportunities (DPMO) is a very important criterion used in Six Sigma programs as an objective and determinant for success or failure. How does DPMO relate and benefit Tolerance Analysis? 

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How Do You Create Actionable Information for Decision Making from Your Monte Carlo Analysis?

Your Monte Carlo Analysis Results Give Actionable Information - How Do You Share and Use That Data in a Meaningful Way?

Monte Carlo Analysis, using Monte Carlo simulation with tolerance variables and assembly processes, provides a lot of powerful outputs. Determining percent out of specification, critical features to quality, contributing parts and tolerances to out-of-spec scenarios, and more. These outputs can be used to reduce non-conformance in production, and thereby reduce scrap, rework and overall manufacturing costs. 

As anyone who has worked in the simulation environment knows, that's the goal. However, getting there isn't always easy. Most teams responsible for creating simulations then provide that data to managers, quality professionals, plant managers, designers and other teams that have to use that data to make changes and decisions. 

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Webinar: Use 3DCS to Feed Downstream Applications, CMM's and Inspection Planning


Use 3DCS to Promote Downstream Applications and Inspection Planning

Don’t miss part 3 of the 3DCS Version 7.5 Webinar Series

In the next part of the Version 7.5 series, learn how to utilize your 3DCS model to accomplish a number of tasks and downstream applications such as:

  • Measurement Plan Authoring
  • CMM Routine Creation
  • Management Report Generation
  • Alignment of Supplier Quality 
  • Comparator Reports - Measured vs. Simulated
  • Tolerance Negotiation


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Closed Loop Manufacturing - Step 1- Perceived Quality & Tolerance Objectives

Closed Loop Manufacturing - Perceived Quality & Tolerance Objectives

Take advantage of variation analysis and high-end visualization to determine the impact of design specifications on your product's appearance. 

What is Perceived Quality? 

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4 Reasons to Do Closed Loop Manufacturing

Why Does Anyone Want to Close the Loop?

Applying Closed Loop Manufacturing gives companies a powerful set of tools to improve quality.

What is Closed Loop? Click Here to find out!

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Closed Loop Manufacturing: CAD Driven Supplier Quality and Continuous Quality Improvement

How Can You Drive Quality Improvement and Improve Supplier Quality with Model Based Definition?

Model Based Definition can be leveraged to drive supplier quality and create continuous quality improvement by connecting existing processes. 

CAD modeling and simulation is now a standard in many manufacturing businesses. These same manufacturers understand that measuring completed parts, and measuring incoming parts from suppliers, is an important part of validating quality. What Model Based Definition offers is the ability to use the completed CAD model and analysis to drive the entire quality process, creating a single source for specifications and quality information that, when applied throughout production, allows for manufacturing correlation and powerful problem solving to improve quality at every stage of the product lifecycle. 

What is Closed Loop Manufacturing?

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The New DCS Community - FAQ's and Discussion on Tolerance Analysis and SPC

The New DCS Community Brings Customers and Clients a Forum for Questions, Answers and Information on Tolerance Analysis and SPC

The New DCS Community houses an extensive FAQ, with clients able to post questions to be answered by DCS technical experts and DCS Software partners and users. 

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QDM Uses IIot to Deliver Quality Intelligence

QDM - Quality Management System - Uses IIot to Deliver Manufacturing Information for Key Decision Making

The Industrial Internet of Things connects design and manufacturing to give true production visibility

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