Frequently Asked Questions About the Upcoming DCS 2021 Global Technology Conference

Apr 22, 2021 12:11:01 PM

Do You Have Questions About the Upcoming Global Technology Conference?

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What is the 2021 Global Technology and Users Conference?

The DCS Global Technology Conference brings together professionals from around the world to share ideas, achievements, and best practices for DCS solutions and Dimensional Management. 

The Event has 6 Tracks, which are topic clusters to organize the presentations into related topics and to provide groups of topics that make sense for specific users. For example, one topic cluster will be designed for newer users which will cover new modeling tips, product overviews, and example applications that make clear the process. 

The event itself is focused on dimensional management and simulation, combining the applications of 3DCS tolerance analysis software with QDM statistical process control and quality management tools. Professionals from a variety of industries will be showcasing their achievements, as well as showing applications and methods for using these tools. In addition, DCS experts and partners will be providing insight into new upcoming features, providing deep dives into existing features and applications, and discussing helpful tips for applying dimensional management to improve quality. 

Even if you are not a 3DCS user, there is a lot to see! GD&T and Datum discussions, as well as process, quality management, and solutions to common challenges, will all be discussed. 


How Do I Register?

To register for the event, go to the registration page at:

Once there, you can go through the registration page and pay the attendance cost with a credit card or PayPal. If you have special requirements, just reach out to DCS directly. 

How Much Does It Cost to Attend?

The event has been kept inexpensive to make it available to a larger audience. 

Event Ticket (1 Person): $75

This provides complete access to the event for opening week and for the four weeks after for on-demand. 

Full Company Pass Add-on (Unlimited Tickets): +$100  (Total cost $175)

This upgrades a single ticket to a Full Company Ticket. This allows anyone with a company email address to register for the event without any additional cost. This is the best value deal and is highly recommended. Invite your colleagues who aren't in your team to have them learn about the value of dimensional management and your simulation and analysis work from professionals in other companies. 

Content Download Add-on: +$250 

This add-on provides access to download the event content after opening week. This will let you share and view the content at your convenience. 

Complete Package: $425 

Full Company Pass + Content Download

Get unlimited access for your company and the complete content download at an affordable price. It is hard to find a value like this! 


I Can't Make the Opening Week, What Will I Miss? 

The opening week includes the live chatrooms and Q&As with presenters and DCS experts. 

Opening Week uses Webcasts that allow you to submit questions and talk with DCS experts during the presentations. 

The opening week provides a lot of value, as it lets you ask questions while watching any of the presentations, chat directly with presenters, and meet them in Q&A Chatrooms. This kind of face time plus the ability to get more information about your particular situation provides a level of value that cannot be found in the on-demand alone. 

It is highly recommended to join for the opening week to see a few presentations, and then catch up on the others during the on-demand period. This provides the greatest level of value without taking your entire week away from you. Many of these presentations are perfect for listening to while you work, and allow you to jump over and submit questions quickly, before getting back to what you were doing.  

Who Is Presenting at the Event?

DCS is proud to present an incredible lineup of experienced experts in dimensional management and engineering. 

Presenting Companies include:

  • Electrolux Brazil
  • Stellantis (previously FCA)
  • General Motors
  • BOEING in partnership with DCS
  • Tata Consultancy Company 
  • Aguilera Consulting
  • Daimler
  • Mahindra
  • Sikorsky
  • Dassault Systemes
  • EDAG

Keep an eye on this blog as we'll be introducing our presenters and their topics leading up to the event!


What Else is Going to Be There?

In addition to presentations, DCS is excited to be providing whitepapers, case studies, additional videos, and presentations, as well as some helpful how-to videos from both DCS and their partners. 

I'm In a Different Timezone, How Can I Join the Event?

At the end of each opening day, that day's events will become available on-demand. 

This allows registrants in other time zones and APAC to watch the day's events during their workday and not have to stay up all night to see what's going on! 

It Is Asking for a Password to Sign Into the Event -- Where Do I Get This? 

The week before the event begins, May 3-7, all registrants will be receiving 2 emails from DCS:

1. Information about the event itself - this includes the schedule of events, guide on accessing the event, and information about the second email

2. PASSWORD Set up - this email, sent from, will give you the link to set up your login password to access the event. It's important that you search using the search filter as it is often sent to SPAM because of the origin and link included. 

Don't have a password and the event is starting? Use the Livechat or reach out to DCS directly to get set up and helped right away. 

Where Do I Go to Join the Event When It Starts?

Under Conference on the 3DCS website -- 

During the opening week and for the following four weeks there will be a JOIN CONFERENCE option under CONFERENCE on the DCS Website. Clicking this option will take you to the conference pages which will prompt you to sign in. 

Once you sign in, you'll be able to navigate to any of the conference pages without having to sign in again. 

Why Isn't My Password Working on the Content Download Page?

Only those registrants who purchased the content download will be able to access these pages. If you did not purchase this add-on, you can still contact DCS to add it to your registration and get access. Use the Why Doesn't My Password Work? page under CONFERENCE to contact DCS, or use the Livechat to talk directly to a DCS agent. 

I Bought the Company Pass, Now What?

Once you have the Full Company Pass, your company name will be added to the registration page to let other members of your company know not to register there. 

You will be contacted by a DCS agent to provide a list of company employees interested, and DCS will register them for the event. 

If other members of your organization want to register, they still can! 

Have them message DCS directly and they will be registered quickly. They can also use the Livechat if they are in a hurry

Full Company Passes as of 4/22/2021

I'm Not a 3DCS User, Can I Still Attend?


This event is not limited to DCS customers or 3DCS/QDM users. It is open to the public, and available for anyone. There is a lot of content and presentations that are applicable even if you don't use DCS solutions, and especially so if you are interested in how they work, and why companies choose DCS tools for their quality teams.


Are There Student Discounts? 


DCS has a student discount code:  STUDENT 

This will give you 70% off your attendee cost. You need to use a valid student email address, and the discount only applies to a single ticket cost. It cannot be combined with a Full Company Pass or with the Content Download Add-on. 

I Joined the Event on LinkedIn, Does That Register Me For the Event?

The LinkedIn Event is a great way to stay up to date on news about the event and get special options and access. We highly recommend it!

However, it does not automatically register you for the Conference. You will still need to register for the event on the registration page here:


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