DCS GTC Agenda - Schedule of Events for DCS Global Technology Conference Opening Week May 11-13

May 4, 2021 12:54:57 PM

DCS Global Technology Conference Agenda and Schedule of Events

The DCS GTC event showcases professionals and experts from a variety of industries to discuss how dimensional management, quality SPC, and simulation can reduce the Costs of Quality

The DCS Global Technology Conference starts next week. Below is the schedule of presentations for the opening week, showcasing both DCS clients and internal experts. Come see one or two sessions during the week and talk with the presenters, ask them about your issues and their advice, or meet them to add to your network. Then come back the following weeks while the event is On-Demand to catch any presentations you missed. 


Day 1 Opens with a discussion of dimensional management at Sikorsky, citing examples of projects that have successfully leveraged 3DCS software as part of their dimensional management. This is followed by DCS presentations demonstrating new and upcoming features soon to be available!

The afternoon showcases DCS partner Dassault Systemes and how to leverage 3DCS as part of Perceived Quality studies in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. After this session, DCS demonstrates two new upcoming features along with David Slosema, General Motors' discussion on GD&T, and dimensional management in the powertrain group. 


Day 2 starts with DCS partner CENIT discussing 3DCS as part of quality processes, with a demonstration of the software process immediately following. Stephan Watrin and Amandeed showcase the use of 3DCS on automotive applications, focusing on early design optimization in order to reduce costs in production. Kamal and Swamy of TCS end the morning with a custom measurement they created for a powertrain application, highlighting the flexibility of 3DCS software. 

The afternoon focuses on SPC and quality systems, beginning with a presentation on total enterprise quality by MAHINDRA, and followed by Ryan Gelotte, Action Engineering, talking about how Dimensional Variation Analysis fits into MBD and the use of QIF file containers to streamline Model-Based Enterprise. The day will be capstoned by a demonstration of QDM CLOUD, an OEM level SPC System that can be used inexpensively by small and medium companies, providing advanced tools that were historically too expensive and cumbersome to be used by smaller companies in a compact, easy-to-use form. 


The last day of the event opens strong with Dave Leone of GE Appliances and Saurav Kakar, GE Appliances, before moving on to presentations by Aguilera Consulting and DCS on analysis that includes fixtures and the effects of early design on gage R&R. Guilerme finishes out the morning with an excellent walkthrough of his study on a washing machine drum assembly, including a G-Factor over 390! This is a great example of how geometry can magnify tolerances. 

The afternoon starts out with DCS's Paul Vickers and his discussion of leadership, and habits that have helped him throughout his career. These 7 habits (really 8) have helped him as a manager, an engineer, a team leader, a project manager, and a mentor. After Paul, Spencer and Ethan, DCS trainers and analysts, demonstrate 17 great tips on using 3DCS software, providing quality of life advice, as well as methods of improving your modeling efficiency. The day ends with a presentation by Mercedes-Benz AG on their comparison of 3DCS FEA Compliant Modeler to their as-measured manufactured parts during their evaluation of the software. Finally, DCS Support Lead Jason Brehmer walks through the many options that DCS clients have access to in order to help build models, train their teams, analyze issues, and accomplish their dimensional objectives. 


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