DCS Welcomes Tata Consultancy Services to Present Their Custom User Dll at the DCS Global Technology Conference

Apr 27, 2021 11:42:35 AM

DCS is Proud to Welcome Kamalakannan T R and Yerry Swamy Thalla, TATA Consultancy Services, to Present at the 2021 DCS Global Technology Conference

Kamal and Swamy will present the method they took to creating a custom measurement DLL to cover a powertrain case they were solving

TCS presenters

Kamalakannan T R and Yerry Swamy Thalla will be presenting their work on developing a custom measurement DLL for 3DCS tolerance analysis software. This work allowed them to combine multiple steps while also creating unique outputs for their powertrain models. This presentation showcases their model example and explains both the reasoning behind their use of a custom measurement and the process they took to set it in motion. 

TCS Custom Coded Measurements

TCS Presentation Agenda


About TATA Consultancy Services

TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) provides over 23,000 experienced engineers with decades of experience to help companies tactical their digital challenges. Assisting in everything from digital and physical prototyping, to process planning and life cycle management, TCS has helped hundreds of companies achieve their objectives on time and under cost. 

TCS Model Example - Powertrain

In the digital age, there is never enough time to accomplish any task. Shrinking product life cycles and development cycles mean that engineers need to do more in less time than before. This drives innovation, and the need to work smarter, not harder. The team at TCS found a method to combine multiple steps into one using a User DLL in 3DCS, and by working with the DCS team, helped develop this custom tool to provide real-time savings. 

What is a User Dll (Dynamic Linked Library)? 

User DLLs allow the user of 3DCS software to link custom-coded routines to their models. This requires knowledge of code writing in writing 3DCS DLL’s . These custom codes can cover a variety of special cases, unique measurements, combined routines, and other special case resources. 


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See the entire presentation from Kamal and Swamy at the DCS Global Technology Conference as they discuss their new tool, why they developed it, and how. 

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