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QDM Uses IIot to Deliver Quality Intelligence

QDM - Quality Management System - Uses IIot to Deliver Manufacturing Information for Key Decision Making

The Industrial Internet of Things connects design and manufacturing to give true production visibility

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Back to Basics - A Blog Series Part 1 What is Dimensional Engineering?

Back to Basics Part 1 -

Dimensional Engineering as a Standardized Methodology

For the next few weeks we're going to be going back to basics, discussing Dimensional Management, Tolerance Analysis and Quality Processes

As in many activities such as sports, cooking and especially engineering, a strong foundation is key to success. Whether this is foundational skills like dribbling in Soccer (or Football), chopping and taste testing in cooking, or accounting principles in business, these skills are key to both success and to developing new, advanced skills. In quality and dimensional management, understanding dimensional engineering, tolerance analysis (and oftentimes GD&T), and having clear measurement strategies are important to creating successful projects. 

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Tackling Tough Tolerance Analysis Scenarios - DCS Conference Day 3

Experts in Tolerance Analysis Share Their Insight Into Handling Tough Tolerance Analysis Scenarios

Not every model is three pieces of sheet metal and a simple set of bolts. Some models pose a greater challenge than others, and these presenters and workshops combined to help users tackle those challenges. 

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Industry Successes with Tolerance Analysis and SPC - DCS Conference Day 2

Manufacturers From Across the Globe Share Their Successes with 3DCS and Tolerance Analysis

Day 2 of the DCS Conference featured a variety of manufacturers and engineers sharing their experiences and successes with tolerance analysis and QDM WEB and how they have benefited as a result. Here are the highlights from the day:

Topics: CATIA 3DCS Perceived Quality Tolerance Analysis SPC FEA CATIA V6 QDM Siemens NX 3DCS Creo PTC Creo Global Technology Conference

New Developments in Tolerance Analysis - DCS Conference Day 1

DCS 2017 Global Technology Conference - a World Class Success 

DCS brought together professionals from across the globe to learn and share experiences about tolerance analysis and discover the latest innovations in the field of dimensional management

DCS hosted their 3rd Global Technology and User Conference last week, bringing together engineers, managers and professionals from aerospace, medical device, automotive, consumer electronics and energy to share insights and experiences in the field of dimensional engineering and tolerance analysis. 

Topics: CATIA 3DCS Perceived Quality Tolerance Analysis SPC FEA CATIA V6 QDM Siemens NX 3DCS Creo PTC Creo Global Technology Conference

Top Ten Reasons to Attend the DCS Global Technology Conference

Top Ten Reasons to Attend the DCS Global Technology Conference

The DCS Global Technology Conference brings together engineers from around the world to share, discuss and learn about advancements and accomplishments in dimensional engineering. 

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Happy New Year! What's in Store for 2017

2017 Promises to Be a Big Year for DCS and Its Customers

2017 brings with it new products from DCS, a new version of 3DCS packed with updates, the DCS User Conference and more

There is a lot planned for 2017. In the next few months, DCS will be releasing a brand new product, as well as the much anticipated release of 3DCS Version 7.4. What's more, this May, the DCS 2017 User Conference will be held at the GM Rennaissance Center in downtown Detroit.  Scroll down to see all the big events and releases planned for 2017.

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QDM WEB Now Available on Mobile Devices, Bringing Industry Leading SPC Tools to the Palm of Your Hand

Dimensional Control Systems has brought the QDM WEB System into the world of mobile by upgrading it with a responsive design, instantly changing the interface based on the user’s device.

Dimensional Control Systems’ (DCS) in partnership with E7 Solutions, is releasing QDM WEB for Mobile, a new responsive design for the QDM WEB System. This adaptive design unlocks QDM WEB for all mobile devices, instantly adapting the system to deliver SPC reports, dashboards and real-time analytics to your phone or tablet.  

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Automate Measurement Plans from CATIA Data with 3DCS Inspection Planner

3DCS Inspection Planner Add-on Converts CATIA and 3DCS Points into Inspection and Measurement Plans

Users of CATIA V5 and CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE can convert their CATIA models into Measurement Plans, correlating CMM programs and measurements with the same points in their CAD model. 

The Add-on module 3DCS Inspection Planner gives engineers the ability to quickly generate inspection and measurement plans from CATIA and 3DCS points. Built on the QDM ANALYST engine, the integrated tool takes points from CAD, and creates report templates for measurement data, as well as full inspection plans to be used on the shop floor. 


See Tolerance Analysis and SPC Solutions at IMTS 2016 in Chicago, IL

Join DCS at the 2016 IMTS - International Manufacturing Technology Show - September 12 - 17 in Chicago Illionois

The DCS team will be showcasing 3DCS and QDM applications at the 2016 IMTS show at booth E3009 in the East Building. 


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