What's New in 2020 for DCS - Webinar Series, Events, European User Conference, 3DCS Updates, and More!

Jan 9, 2020 1:48:01 PM

What's New in 2020 for DCS - Webinar Series, Events, European User Conference, 3DCS Updates, and More!

The entire team at DCS is excited to share what we have in store for 2020; a year packed with new events, webinars, and updates to 3DCS

2020 is promising to be a very busy year here at DCS. Besides the 12 webinars being scheduled in our new MBD Through PLM series, DCS is proud to be announcing the official release of 3DCS for SOLIDWORKS, a welcome addition to the CAD integrated set of 3DCS software products, as well as some surprise releases alongside the new Version 7.7 of 3DCS. Speaking of, the new version of 3DCS is packed with new features, so many in fact that it'll take FOUR webinars to show them all to you! 

On top of the new software and webinars, DCS is proud to be sponsoring at least six events this year in the US, and more abroad including a one day user conference in Germany hosted by CENIT

The DCS blog is going to be running multiple series on GD&T, SPC tips and tools, How-to's for the new features in 3DCS, snapshots from events, interviews with experts, and new whitepapers by the DCS team and DCS clients. Make sure to check in weekly to see the latest articles on the blog, or join the DCS Monthly Newsletter to get updates sent directly to your inbox (no more than once a month).

To get things started, here is what we have planned for the MBD Through PLM Series:

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Validate and Optimize FTA with Guest Gary Carne, Dassault Systemes

  • January 30th, 11 am EST, Gotowebinar

Learn how to create, organize, and filter your FTA in CATIA, then create 2D Drawings from your CAD with presenters Gary Carne, Dassault Systemes, and Gary Bell, DCS Sr. Variation Analyst. Then learn how to pass your FTA to 3DCS for validation and optimization before pushing it back into your CAD. See 3DCS Version 7.7 Sneak Peeks including the new GD&T Measure, Relationship Wizard, and Visualize Effect. 

Gear Shifter -- FTA Optimize and Validate Webinar

Coming Up Next:

Control Perceived Quality and Set Tolerance Objectives Using 3DEXPERIENCE LIVE RENDERING with Guest Presenter Daniel Dresemann, Dassault Systemes 

  • February 27, 11 am EST, Gotowebinar

3DCS Version 7.7 Part 1 -- New Features 

  • March 26, 11 am EST, Gotowebinar

3DCS Version 7.7 Part 2 -- New Features 

  • April 30, 11 am EST, Gotowebinar

FEA Compliant Modeler -- A Comparative Study on Accuracy and Outputs 

  • May 28, 11 am EST, Gotowebinar

New - AAO Advanced Analyzer and Optimizer Features with 3DCS Version 7.7

  • June 25, 11 am EST, Gotowebinar

3DCS Version 7.7 Part 3 -- New Features 

  • July 30, 11 am EST, Gotowebinar

Automating and Streamlining Quality Processes on the Plant Floor - Tools and Methods

  • August 27, 11 am EST, Gotowebinar

FEA Compliant Modeler -- A Daimler Case Study with Guest Presenter Hanchen Zheng, Daimler AG

  • September 24, 11 am EST, Gotowebinar

TBA [We have a great topic, but need to finish the research and modeling first!]

  • October 29, 11 am EST, Gotowebinar

Model Validation Methods - tips on validating and trouble-shooting your 3DCS models

  • November 19, 11 am EST, Gotowebinar


  • December 10, 11 am EST, Gotowebinar

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2020 Event Calendar


  • February 9-12, 2020

SIMULATION DAY, CENIT -- Stuttgart, Germay 

  • March 3rd


  • March 16-19

COExperience -- Miami, FL

  • April 26-29

ASME MSEC - Cincinnati, OH

  • June 22-26

IMTS 2020 - Chicago, IL

  • September 14-19

3D CIC Congress - Golden, CO

  • October 12-16

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