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How to Give Customers the Quality Data They Want (and SPC Metrics!)

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Quality Data: Rapid Retrieval and Utilization for Decision Support in Manufacturing Processes

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You already collect the data, now find out how easy it can be to use it. 

Quality data. You collect it from CMM's, scanners, gages, scales, lasers...the list goes on and on. More and more devices come out every day that offer new, and innovative methods of getting accurate measurements of parts and assemblies.

Get that gap on every third part, get the flush here, check the hole and pin, make sure that slot is good. You need to check paint depth, weight, thickness, offset...there are as many things to measure for as there are devices to measure with. 

Then you have to make that data work for you. You need to make decisions, and you need to deliver results to customers and managers. 

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DCS and MSC Software Partner to Deliver Variation Analysis with Seamless Finite Element Analysis

DCS and MSC Software Partner to Deliver Variation Analysis with Seamless Finite Element Analysis 

Dimensional Control Systems joins MSC Software’s Technology Partner Program as a Software Community Partner to create a seamless workflow for FEA tools and DCS Tolerance Analysis.

Troy, Mich. – Dimensional Control Systems, Inc. (DCS) has joined MSC Software’s Technology Partner Program to focus on improving the workflow between Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Variation Analysis. As a Software Community Partner of MSC Software, DCS will enhance the connections between the two families of tools to help customers incorporate FEA into their Variation Analysis models.

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DCS Presents Finite Element Analysis Case (FEA) at SAE World Congress in Detroit

DCS to Present "Accounting for Thermal and Gravity Force Effects on Automotive Components Using 3d Simulation Software" at SAE 2015 World Congress & Exhibition

April 21-23, 2015 at Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan, USA

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Enhanced Scenes in CATIA V5 - Customizing Views to Assemble and Compare

Enhanced Scenes

     Customizing Your Assembly in CATIA V5 and 3DCS

Enhanced Scenes allow you to customize the configuration of your model at nominal and exploded view. This can be helpful when modeling assembly processes or checking your work.


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Detroit North American Auto Show - Building the Car of the Future

The North American International Auto Show in Detroit Demonstrated the Heights of Automotive Quality and Performance 

Advances in Engineering Tools and Processes Continue to Push the Envelope for Quality and Performance. The vehicles displayed at the International Auto Show at the Cobo Center in Detroit were a testament to human ingenuity. 

It's become a tradition for DCS Vice President of Sales Don Jasurda to get his picture taken in a Jaguar at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The annual moment is a chance for DCS and longtime customer Jaguar Land Rover to catch a breath and enjoy the outcome of their long hours of work from the past year, away from the manufacturing and testing sites of the their usual workdays.

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