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April DCS Digest - New Webinars, Videos, Articles, PLUS Highlights from the Control Messe Show

Apr 24, 2024 9:59:21 AM

DCS DIGEST - April Edition

MBE, Tutorials, and NEW QMS

April and May are going to be busy here at DCS. We have the start of our webinar series showcasing the NEW QDMWEB QI system, redesigned, redeveloped, and available now.

Our first webinar will be highlights, interviews, and demos from the show floor of the Control Messe conference in Stuttgart, Germany. This will showcase a connected quality system utilizing the CAD model to drive quality from design to metrology and into production. Join us April 25th to see if for yourself!

Our next tutorial video is available, Model Variants. Made by Sylvia Rissell, experienced application engineer, is both an introduction and how-to training on utilizing Model Variants in your 3DCS models. This can allow you to turn each of your models into a variety of different analyses without having to create separate models. Scroll down to see for yourself.

From Control Messe Connected Quality for MBE

See Interviews, Demos, and Discussions on Model Driven Quality

Thursday April 25th, 11 am EST

Join Metrologic, CENIT, and DCS as they showcase how to connect your processes to support Model Based Enterprise from Design through Metrology and into Production.

With interviews taken from the show floor and live software examples, see firsthand how you can drive quality with your models and utilize PMI for correlated data collection. 

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See how Metrology can utilize PMI and 3DCS data to drive quality downstream and correlate quality with connected points.

Find out how to include 3DCS in your metrology process and utilize it for Model Based Enterprise to provide a blueprint that downstream applications can use.

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NEW - QDMWEB QI Manufacturing QMS Solution

QDMWEB QI manufacturing quality management system gives you access to your quality information from anywhere, at any time, instantly. Using Quality Intelligence, automate your quality collection and start reducing your costs with real-time monitoring and powerful SPC tools.

QDMWEB QI quality management systems are all about easy access to your quality data, letting your people get information fast in a way that allows them to make decisions quickly. This gives you secure access to the information you need, from any data source, anywhere in the world, on any device using easy-to-customize and operate interfaces.

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3DCS Video Tutorial Series - Available NOW

Auto Bend Move Tutorial in 3DCS Variation Analyst (All Platforms)

The Six-Plane Move operation is likely the most commonly used move in 3DCS, but what happens when you have not three but four features that define a primary plane that you need to account for? That's where the Auto Bend Move comes into play.

The Auto Bend Move operation allows the user to define a traditional primary plane using three features. It will then auto-calculate a bend line based on where the fourth primary plane point is located. The Auto Bend Move is not limited to only four primary plane points but selection order does matter as more points are added as the auto-calculated bend line is based on where the locations of the previous points. When substantially more than four primary plane points are used, there are likely better options than the Auto Bend Move such as the Best-Fit Move or the Segment Bend Move.

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Model Variants in 3DCS Software (all platforms)     

Your design process may involve multiple iterations of an assembly model as the design and manufacturing process moves from the earliest concept to a profitable production product. Perhaps you may wish to evaluate different configurations, compare possible cost saving, or compare quality improvements for your existing products.  

What tools does 3DCS offer to support your engineering process?

  • Update moves, measures, or GD&T without losing the ability to run the original version of the model
  • Audition multiple possible changes to the original model.
  • Create models, assembly variants, and model iterations efficiently.
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2025 DCS Global Technology and User Conference

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Join DCS in 2025 to learn about new technology, hear stories and success from other users of DCS solutions, and participate in a community of experienced dimensional and quality professionals.

To be held in Troy, Michigan, this event is a must for any user or manager that interfaces with DCS software. Included are two days of presentations from DCS and other professionals, followed up with a full day of training workshops, round tables, and learning opportunities. Included is an evening dinner and a networking to enjoy what the local community has to offer.

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Early Bird, Presenter, Partner, and Group discounts available! Reply to this email to inquire further.

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Need Help Getting Started with 3D Tolerance Analysis?

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GD&T, Modeling Services, Training, Advanced Support

At DCS, we strive to provide our customers with the help and support they need to succeed. Find out how DCS can help you jumpstart your quality initiatives and meet your goals on time and under budget.

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