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Webinar - What's Inside Version

by Benjamin Reese, on Nov 11, 2020 2:29:04 PM

See What's Inside the New Release of 3DCS - Version

With new optimizers, measures, and enhancements, this new release provides helpful tools for your modeling

Version of 3DCS Variation Analyst is now available through DCS' FileShare

With the new release, 3DCS gains some helpful enhancements to preferences, as well as two new measurements. 

Join the Webinar to See for Yourself

Join DCS on November 19th to see all the new features and enhancements live:

Webinar - What's Inside 3DCS V7.7.1.0

What's Inside Version

The new release of 3DCS provides some great enhancements and tools:

  • Datum Optimizer (not included in this event)
  • Tree Enhancements (Groups, DCS Tree Name, Alias)
  • Dimension Distance Measure
  • Volume Measurement 

Datum Optimizer -- Shown in October

Watch the Datum Optimizer Webinar On-Demand HERE

The new Datum Optimizer was demonstrated in the October webinar and will not be presented at this event. It is included as part of the V7.7.1.0 release. 

The NEW 3DCS Datum Optimizer is a tool using a genetic algorithm to determine the optimal datum features from a candidate set with the goal of minimizing the rigid part variation or compliant part deformation.

Using Datum Optimizer during the design stage and prior to production, users can eliminate or minimize mechanism rework and tuning by selecting the best datum features while increasing confidence in passing Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility (Gage R&R) studies.

Click to Learn More about Datum Optimizer

Tree Enhancements

DCS is constantly working to improve the interface, process, and flow of its tools. The new release of 3DCS provides some helpful enhancements to the 3DCS Tree

  • Groups  - Reorder Features in a group
  • DCS Part Name - Renaming does not require change in CAD names
  • DCS Preferences - Search and layout

To better understand what these enhancements mean, make sure to join the webinar to see a DCS engineer walk through them one-by-one. 

Dimension Distance Measure

This new measure is easy to create. With the ability to extract it from CAD, it can be created with the push of a button. See more at the webinar. 

User Process

  1. Create Linear or Angular Assembly Dimensions in CAD
  2. Push Extract Dimension
  3. 3DCS Distance Measure created!

Dimension Distance Measure - 3DCS


Volume Measurement

3DCS can now be used to measure changes in volume! 

Use 3DCS to determine the impact of variation on the volume of a space. Set variables to deform the parts and see how force, stress, assembly, and the tolerance stack change the volume of a space or container. 

Volume Measure - 3DCS

Join DCS Next Week for This Exciting Webinar Event

DCS Webinars are always free, and the recordings provided after, so there is no reason to miss it. Click below and register today. 

Webinar - What's Inside 3DCS V7.7.1.0

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