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QDM ANALYST Update Now Live - Find Out What's New

QDM Analyst's Latest Version is Now Live on Fileshare for Download 

Download the latest version of QDM Analyst with enhancements and new features

The development teams at DCS are constantly at work coding new enhancements and features for DCS Software. QDM Analyst, the template and report creator from the QDM SPC System, has been updated with new enhancements and features based on user feedback. 

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A New Dimension - Digital Technology Uses GD&T Language to Give Manufacturers an Advantage

A New Dimension - Digital Technology Uses GD&T Language to Give Manufacturers an Advantage

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NEW! DCS Training Lab - Supplemental Training for 3DCS and QDM Users

Learn 3DCS Modeling with the NEW DCS Training Lab

The DCS Training Lab will be a new training site coming for all DCS Customers with a support contract (maintenance) that will provide self-training documents, videos and models to help advance and refresh 3DCS modeling skills. 

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3DCS Showcased at CAD Conference 2018 in Paris, France

Keynote Speaker, Dominique Gaunet of Dassault Systemes, Showcases 3DCS as Part of 3D Geometrical Tolerancing at the Center of 3D Master Strategy

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Defects Per Million Opportunities (DPMO) and Z Scores -- Diving into the Six-Sigma Rabbit Hole

Six-Sigma Programs - Using Defects Per Million Opportunities in 3DCS 

Defects Per Million Opportunities (DPMO) is a very important criterion used in Six Sigma programs as an objective and determinant for success or failure. How does DPMO relate and benefit Tolerance Analysis? 

Based on discussions and articles in the DCS Community - Register FREE to learn more

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How to Create Assembly Arrangements in Siemens NX

What are NX Arrangements and How to Create Them

Create different working positions in an assembly arrangement or model using NX

NX Assembly Arrangements allow the user to configure and show different working positions in assembly documentation. This helps in making different views or positions of your model, letting you quickly jump back to those scenarios. 

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Large NX Models -- Siemens Whitepaper and Helpful Tips for 3DCS Tolerance Analysis

Five Tips for Large Assembly Performance and Tips for Large Models in NX

Included is the link to the Siemens whitepaper Five Tips for Large Assembly Performance and tips for working with large models in NX

Let's be honest, working with large models in any CAD platform can be difficult. DCS has put out a number of videos and webinars to try and help with this, but there is always something else that can be done to simplify a menu, a model, a move or a method. Here are some helpful tips when working in NX on large models, and a great whitepaper from Siemens on the topic. 

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Webinar Thursday - Pattern Move, Angular & Linear Dimensioning, Axial Moves

Modeling Methods Webinar - Learn About Advanced Moves in 3DCS

Modeling Methods shows how to apply different moves in 3DCS to account for non-standard conditions. 

Next week is the last webinar in the 3DCS Version 7.5 Series - Modeling Methods. This webinar will focus on 3DCS Moves, more importantly, advanced Moves and applications that can help new and advanced users with modeling. 

Already registered for the 7.5 Series? Then you're ready to go! Look for the reminder and Join Link in your email. 

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3 Reasons Why You Should be Using PMI, FTA and Digital GD&T

3 Reasons Why You Should be Using PMI, FTA and Digital GD&T

There are a lot of benefits to using digital GD&T in your CAD platform; here are 3 of the big ones. 

Automotive and aerospace manufacturers are leading the way with the application of digital GD&T technology. Applying digital GD&T to frame rails, aircraft skins, fuselages and body in white assemblies, these manufacturers are able accurately simulate part and process variation and then take steps to control and reduce its impact on the final build.  

Analyzing variation is faster and easier with access to CAD embedded GD&T 

This is the general application of GD&T in a digital environment, but what are the reasons to promote using digital GD&T in the first place? 

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Worst Case Tolerance Analysis Webinar Now On-Demand

Worst Case Tolerance Analysis 

Part 4: 3DCS Version 7.5 Series

Find more about Worst Case Tolerance Analysis, 1D vs 3D, 3D vs. RSS with example models and the 3DCS Worst Case DLL. 

Click Here to Watch the Webinar On-Demand

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