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DCS Digest - January Edition

Jan 20, 2022 3:25:56 PM
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Happy New Year
Welcome to 2022.
At DCS, we're excited to bring in the new year with a wealth of news - new owners, new webinars, new whitepapers, new events.
Come join us as we explore the growing technology of the Digital Twin and Digital Transformation.
How the Digital Twin Benefits Gear Systems and Gear Manufacturing (+Advancements to Gear Module)
January Webinar - January 27th 11 am EST - GOTOWEBINAR
We're excited to be starting the year off with an exciting webinar on the Digital Twin. Tom Oetjens and Sylvia Rissell have been working together to create Gear assembly Digital Twins to simulate testing, function, assembly, and prototypes to find potential errors and optimize designs.
At the January webinar, you'll see how a Gear Digital Twin crafted for you by DCS can be used by your organization to reduce tooling, testing, prototyping, and most importantly, greatly reduce your design time. As part of the webinar, you'll get early access to the whitepaper on Gear Modeling that goes into detail on the methods, the models, and the inputs/outputs.
Sign up FREE and remember to mark your calendar!
2022 Webinar Series Schedule
January 27
Advances in Gear Modeling and NEW Whitepaper
February 24
3DCS 7.8.1 - Groups, Chordal Mesh, GD&T Dim Loc, Pattern-Fit, Best-Fit, Sequence Optimization Grouping
March 17
QDM and Metrologic - Inspection and Quality Management Connection
April 28
QDM and 3DCS Virtual Build \ Shop Floor* [Fitting Solution] & Importing 3DCS Measurement Points
May 26
3DCS 7.9 Part 1 - Simulation Convergence, Thermal Expansion, Angle Measurement
June 23
3DCS 7.9 Part 2 -Model Navigator with Branch Tree DVM & MVM
[Titles and Topics Subject to Change]
Miss Any?
Watch 2021 Webinars On-Demand: Click Here to Watch
IMTS SPARK Datum Optimization
DVM - Part 1 of Scalable Solutions
Viewer - Part 2 of Scalable Solutions
MVM - Part 3 of Scalable Solutions
3DCS Version 7.8 Part 1 (of 2) Collision Detection and Gear Modeling
3DCS Version 7.8 Part 2 (of 2) Pattern Move and Worst Case
How Cloud QMS Puts You in Charge of Your Quality
Interview - How 3DCS and the DIGITAL TWIN Benefit Gear Manufacturers
DCS interviews two experts on how the Digital Twin can be used to reduce costs, testing, and prototypes for gear assemblies

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with two of DCS’ senior analysts to talk about Gear manufacturing and simulation using the Digital Twin.

I was joined by Tom Oetjens, and Sylvia Rissell, who provide modeling and analysis services to manufacturers across multiple industries and have been working to provide insight into new technology to improve the Digital Twin to better represent gear systems and assemblies.

Sandvik Acquires Quality Management Software Provider Dimensional Control Systems
Sandvik has acquired US-based Dimensional Control Systems (DCS) – a leading global provider of dimensional quality management software and on-site engineering services. DCS’s offering will complement and enhance Sandvik’s existing portfolio within metrology. The company will be included in the Industrial Metrology division, within the business area Sandvik Manufacturing and Machining Solutions.
“This acquisition is in line with our strategic focus to grow in the digital manufacturing space, with special attention on industrial software close to component manufacturing. Dimensional Control System’s offering, in combination with our extensive manufacturing know-how, will enhance Sandvik’s overall digital offering – and specifically our industrial metrology solutions,” says Stefan Widing, President and CEO of Sandvik.
3DEXPERIENCE WORLD - Now 100% Virtual and FREE
DCS, as the first Gold Software Partner of Dassault Systemes, is proud to sponsor the 2022 3DEXPERIENCE WORLD conference. Due to safety concerns, the event is now completely virtual. From their website:
"After careful consideration, we have decided to shift 3DEXPERIENCE World 2022 to a completely virtual event, from February 7-9, 2022. We have, for months, continuously monitored the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to ensure we could safely host World. After monitoring the data, and reviewing the safety protocols, we do not believe that we can both keep our attendees safe, and provide them with the experience our users and partners expect from the event.
Although we cannot see each other in-person in Atlanta this year, the virtual version of 3DEXPERIENCE World will continue with the inspiring content, experienced speakers, and the best sessions we planned for the in-person event, and more. We hope to see the community there!"
Need Help Getting Started with 3D Tolerance Analysis?
Let DCS Help
Modeling Services, Training, Advanced Support
At DCS, we strive to provide our customers with the help and support they need to succeed. Find out how DCS can help you jumpstart your quality initiatives and meet your goals on-time and under budget.

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