How Digital Transformation Benefits Gear Manufacturers

Jan 26, 2022 12:48:43 PM

How Digital Transformation Benefits Gear Manufacturers

DCS interviews two experts on how the Digital Twin can be used to reduce costs, testing, and prototypes for gear assemblies.

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with two of DCS’ senior analysts to talk about Gear manufacturing and simulation using the Digital Twin.


I was joined by Tom Oetjens, and Sylvia Rissell, who provide modeling and analysis services to manufacturers across multiple industries and have been working to provide insight into new technology to improve the Digital Twin to better represent gear systems and assemblies.

Sylvia is an engineer at DCS using 3DCS software since 2010. Sylvia has just begun to expand her expertise with the inclusion of Gear Modeling.

Tom Oetjens, CAE Integrations Inc, has been working with DCS to incorporate his expertise in gear modeling into 3DCS Variation Analyst software. A user since the 1990’s, Tom has a long history of simulation modeling with the Digital Twin.

In this interview, we discuss how digital transformation has impacted gear makers and manufacturers, and how companies have been able to leverage the Digital Twin.

Digital Transformation elevates quality by reducing timelines and costs

Questions asked ---

  • What kinds of tests do suppliers have to do in order to validate their parts - how has Digital Transformation affected these tests?
  • How does simulation affect testing timetables?
  • Are OEM's doing the same tests as suppliers to validate systems and assemblies? (Road from math to lab to road test)
  • How long does it take to bring a gear product to market?
  • What happens when you have good parts, but the system fails?

    Listen to the interview here!


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