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Feb Digest - Website Updates, Webinar on New 3DCS Features, and a Whitepaper on Gear Digital Twins

Feb 10, 2022 3:36:41 PM

February Is Already Here

It's true, it is 10 days into February.
We've got a great webinar for you this month, and some exciting news ---
Our Website has been completely reorganized to help you find what you're looking for. Come take a look and let us know what you think!

New Features in 3DCS Version 7.8.1

February Webinar - February 24th 11 am EST - GOTOWEBINAR
The second part of the 2022 series covers the minor update 7.8.1 and both the new and updated features in that update.
With three of DCS' engineers teed up to showcase these features, any user of 3DCS software should make sure to attend or register to get the recording for reference.
Topics to be covered in the Webinar:
1. Common GUI
2. Feature Move Extraction
3. Best-Fit (X-Plane) Move GUI - no longer a DLL
4. Dimensioning Location Enhancement (image above)
5. Sequence Optimization Grouping
All registrants will receive the recorded session on the following day.
Sign up FREE and remember to mark your calendar!
 Whitepaper - Webinar Recording and Whitepaper
Gear Digital Twin - Understanding Multi-Tooth Gear Contact Model
In the webinar and whitepaper, a 3DCS variation analysis software model will be used to validate the design and tolerancing of an individual gear. Standard tests and gear specification measurements are calculated using Monte Carlo simulation and predicted results are displayed including predicted deviation from nominal values and predicted range of values.
 The results are calculated from the measurement of the range of the distance between gear centers. In addition to this measurement, the angular deviation between teeth is also taken into account. These tests, leveraging the Digital Twin, provide savings by avoiding tooling changes and by optimizing the gear parameters, such as crowning.
 Sandvik Acquires Quality Management Software Provider Dimensional Control Systems
Sandvik has acquired US-based Dimensional Control Systems (DCS) – a leading global provider of dimensional quality management software and on-site engineering services. DCS’s offering will complement and enhance Sandvik’s existing portfolio within metrology. The company will be included in the Industrial Metrology division, within the business area Sandvik Manufacturing and Machining Solutions.
“This acquisition is in line with our strategic focus to grow in the digital manufacturing space, with special attention on industrial software close to component manufacturing. Dimensional Control System’s offering, in combination with our extensive manufacturing know-how, will enhance Sandvik’s overall digital offering – and specifically our industrial metrology solutions,” says Stefan Widing, President and CEO of Sandvik.
 Need Help Getting Started with 3D Tolerance Analysis?
Let DCS Help
 Modeling Services, Training, Advanced Support
At DCS, we strive to provide our customers with the help and support they need to succeed. Find out how DCS can help you jumpstart your quality initiatives and meet your goals on time and under budget.
Dimensional Control Systems
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Troy, Michigan, 48098

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