Webinar - Learn About the Updates in 3DCS 7.8.1 this Thursday, Feb 24th, 2021

Feb 22, 2022 1:29:23 PM

This Thursday marks the second part of DCS' 2022 Webinar Series


  • Date: Feb 24, 2022
  • When: 11 am EST
  • Where: gotowebinar 


In this webinar, you'll see firsthand all the new features and enhancements added in the 7.8.1 minor release (that's the addition of the 1 to the version). 

With three presenters and 8 topics, this is a webinar that should be missed by any user of 3DCS software. 

Best Fit GUI - 3DCS

There is a lot to cover. Look at all of this:

  1. Dimensioning Location Enhancement (Center, Min, or Max for Features of Size)
  2. What’s New in and (Honorable mentions)
    1. Pattern Move slot/tab support
    2. GeoFactor improvements
  3. GUI enhancements
  4. Tree Group features
  5. Chordal Height/Mesh Density
  6. Feature Move Extraction
  7. Best-Fit (Xplane)
  8. Sequence Optimization — User-defined Sequence
    Let's have a quick look at what you'll see

Dimensioning Location Enhancement (Center, Min, or Max for Features of Size)

  • In prior releases, the relationship between size and Dimensioning Location could not be set - Now you can!
  • See what settings you can change and how

dimensioning location enhancement

What’s New in and (Honorable mentions)

  • Pattern Move Updates (Slot/Pin/Hole)
  • GeoFactor Updates for Worst-Case

GUI enhancements

  • Lots of Quality of Life changes to make interacting with your models easier and finding what you need faster. 

Tree Group features

  • New grouping will make it easier to work on large models with many tolerances, moves, and measures by organizing them and giving you new dropdowns to select groups. 

Chordal Height/Mesh Density

  • Adjusting the distance between mesh and geometry. 

Feature Move Extraction

  • Extract CAD Constraints directly into 3DCS models

Best-Fit (Xplane)

  • New interface making the Best-Fit Move easier to use and apply in your models. 

Sequence Optimization — User-defined Sequence

  • Create multiple sequences and compare them in 3DCS. 



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