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DCS Digest - December Edition - Webinars, DCS User Conference, Articles and Whitepapers

Dec 11, 2020 1:11:42 PM

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Merry Christmas from DCS

The year is finally at a close, and there isn't anyone who on new year's day will wish the year had lasted a single day more.
All of us here at DCS want to give you our heartfelt thanks for sticking with us through this difficult time.
We have a lot of great things in store for you next year, so let's all open the new year with as much positivity as we can. Here's to you, and here's to a better future for us all.
Thank you.
DCS December Webinars

Validation of 3DCS FEA Compliant Modeler by Daimler with Special Guest

Recorded December 10th - 11am EST

 See the extended presentation LIVE from Hanchen Zheng as shown at the ICED Conference event.

DCS is proud to present guest speaker Hanchen Zheng, Daimler. Zheng will be discussing the process, inputs, and results from his validation study on 3DCS FEA Compliant Modeler on BIW parts. 

This paper proposes an approach to implement tolerance simulation for a compliant assembly, which includes manufacturing processes such as clinching, bolting and hemming by applying tolerance simulation tool.

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Daimler case Study - FEA Compliant Modeler
Process for Using FEA Data in 3DCS



Comparing Simulation to Physical Parts
 QUALITY AS A KEYSTONE FOR A COMPANY -- Leveraging IIOT to drive quality

December 10th - 9am EST

Join Uli Decker, long time DCS partner and 3DCS user, and learn how the Closed loop process is the first step to integrating IIOT and PLM. Hear first hand accounts of manufacturer success, and the steps taken to integrate 3DCS into their process.


IMTS SPARKHow to Leverage the Digital Twin to Optimize Datum Features and Validate GD&T in Order to Reduce Manufacturing Costs and Lower Risk of Defects

January 12th, 2021 at 12pm EST

With modern manufacturing levels reaching close to the precision-control limit, there is not much room to further reduce variation on the part level. There is, however, still room for improvement in the overall assembly quality by optimizing operations such as assembly sequence, fixture locations, and key control characteristics. 

Join DCS experts Maria Harangus and Paul Vickers to learn more about leveraging 3DCS for early optimization

Upcoming DCS Events

DCS 2021 User Conference

DCS is proud to announce the May, 2021 DCS Global Technology and User Conference.

As a VIRTUAL EVENT, the DCS User Conference is easy to attend, and very affordable, making it easy for you to get access to the latest news, technology, and progress on SPC and tolerance analysis including the launch of TWO new products from DCS, over a dozen stories, case studies, and presentations from leading manufacturers, and helpful how-to walkthroughs of 3DCS and QDM functions and features.

Look for our upcoming announcement on the website to see the agenda, times, and learn more about this exciting virtual event!

Learn more about the event and registration pricing below ---

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