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Catch Up On DCS Webinars from 2023 -- Watch All 10 Webinars On-Demand

Nov 30, 2023 9:58:53 AM

Did You Miss Any Webinars?

Catch up on all the webinars from 2023, from advanced tools, and perceived quality, to the Version 8.0 Series and Data-Driven Decision Making

2023 Webinar Series --> Click Here to Go to Webinars On-Demand or Scroll Down to see which webinars you may have missed

AAO - 6 Tools in One Add-on 2023-3dcs-aao-jan

AAO is an add-on module for 3DCS that includes 6 additional tools for advanced analysis and macro analysis of your models. AAO provides new insight into your manufacturing while also putting the tools to tackle larger models right at your fingertips. 

What You'll Learn from this webinar:

  • The Monte Carlo results predict what problems an assembly will have.
  • The Sensitivity and GeoFactor results predict why those problems occur.
  • AAO recommends solution alternatives to those problems

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Best Fit and Optics


DCS presented a free webinar on advanced modeling techniques that included a number of use cases that clearly showed how tolerance analysis plays a role in far more than gaps and flushes. 

A simple agenda belies a packed event:

  1. Best Fitting Complex Assemblies
  2. Light Projection and Optic Analysis
  3. Advanced 3DCS functionality

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Perceived Quality - Seeing the Impact of Variation w Guest Daniel Dresemann, Dassault Systemes


Join Dassault Systemes, SME, and DCS to see firsthand how visualization with Ray-Tracing and VR provide real-world insights into product craftsmanship, and most importantly, the tools to control and improve craftsmanship across the product line. 

Perceived Quality Process Flow

With guest presenter Daniel Dresemann, product experience specialist at Dassault Systemes, learn how to apply visualization and rendering tools to your CAD models and then include variation to see how your tolerances will affect your product's appearance and perceived quality.

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How to Combine FEA and Mechanical in Your Prototypes 


In manufacturing, Finite Element Analysis is now a standard part of most design processes. In the same regard, it is understood that some tolerance stack analysis needs to take place in order to understand the impact of variation and account for it. These two analyses are often done in parallel in different software packages, and then the results are combined afterward to understand the two together. This is both difficult and time-consuming. 

We'd like to change that. 

The goal here is to combine the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and tolerance simulation into a single analysis, and single software package, find a common result, and then provide that back to the design team. 

To showcase this process, DCS partner CENIT has created an example that highlights the simpler method for use by the CAD design team early in the digital phase of production. More advanced methods are available as well, and we will be showcasing those at a later webinar event.

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Shopfloor 360 from Control Messe


Join the Show Like You Were There
Watch the team from CENIT as they navigate the entire Model Based Enterprise approach -- starting in CAD and following the model through measurement and production monitoring. 

With the PMI GD&T acting as the central driver of the entire story, the measured data is already correlated to the CAD points, enabling an easy replacement of simulated data in the model with real data. From here, statistical analysis using 3DCS Variation Analyst provides the answers you need to find the problem, test solutions, and roll out a complete fix without wasteful trial and error. 

The entire loop brings everything together

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3DCS Version 8.0 Series


Join the DCS expert team to learn about the new updates in 3DCS Version 8.0 - Now Available Through DCS FileShare


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QDM - Data Driven Decision Making



  • See how QDM can keep all of your team up to date on quality levels from the plant floor up to plant and quality managers
  • Find out how to watch plant quality in real-time, and then dive into alerts and issues to root cause production problems fast
  • Learn how to collect, standardize, and monitor supplier part quality

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