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Quality Show - Answering Where to Measure, What to Measure, and What Comes Next

Nov 15, 2023 3:23:57 PM

Questions and Answers from the Quality Show 

The Quality Show brought together professionals from various industries, all facing similar challenges and seeking solutions. One of the key takeaways from the event was the importance of metrology in measuring parts to determine if they meet specification standards.

Quality Show Floor - Left SideQuality Show Floor - Right Side

However, metrology alone does not provide guidance on what to do with parts that are found to be out of specification. This raises important questions: Can these parts still be considered good? How do we determine where to measure? And what should be done with the collected data?

Renishaw CMM Refit - Metrologic

Recognizing these challenges, Sandvik has brought together a family of companies to address these issues comprehensively. DCS offers valuable insights on where to measure, while Metrologic specializes in simulating and programming machines to measure parts faster and more accurately, enabling a more precise assessment of quality. DWFritz, on the other hand, provides high-speed non-contact measurements to ensure uninterrupted production line operations. Lastly, DCS provides a backend system that efficiently collects and organizes all measured data, making it accessible and usable for your teams.


By combining the expertise and capabilities of these companies, Sandvik's metrology solutions offer a holistic approach to quality control and data management in manufacturing. This integrated approach not only improves efficiency and accuracy but also streamlines decision-making processes, allowing manufacturers to make informed choices about out-of-specification parts and optimize their production processes.

Quality Show - Example SPC Platform QDM

To learn more about Sandvik Metrology Solutions and discover more about the highlights from the conference showcase, visit  https://www.manufacturingsolutions.sandvik/en/our-offering/metrology-solutions/



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