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April Digital Digest - FEA Webinar and Control Messe Video Event

Apr 20, 2023 1:57:06 PM
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DCS DIGEST - April Edition

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Multidisciplinary Simulation Webinar - Combining FEA and Tolerance Simulation for the CAD Designer

WEBINAR  |  April 27th, 2023 |  11 am EST 

Combining Finite Element Analysis and Tolerance Simulation in a Single Tool 

Learn how to combine FEA and Tolerance Analysis at the designer level, with quick results that are easy to obtain from DCS partner CENIT.

In manufacturing, Finite Element Analysis is now a standard part of most design processes. In the same regard, it is understood that some tolerance stack analysis needs to take place in order to understand the impact of variation and account for it. These two analyses are often done in parallel in different software packages, and then the results are combined afterward to understand the two together. This is both difficult and time-consuming. 

The goal here is to combine the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and tolerance simulation into a single analysis, and single software package, find a common result, and then provide that back to the design team. 

Join CENIT and DCS on April 27th to See First Hand How These Two Disciplines can be Combined Into a Single Analysis

We'd like to change that. 

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Quality 360 - Design to Manufacturing from the Floor of the Control Messe Show


DCS, CENIT, and Metrologic Present:

Shopfloor Quality 360 - See MBD through Design, Simulation, Measurement, and Reporting

Weds, May 10th, 9 am EST


Join CENIT, DCS, and the team from Metrologic on the show floor to see firsthand how your CAD model informs the entire digital thread through each element of PLM.

The event will be recorded from the booth on the Control Messe show floor.

Get a MBE walkthrough tour of the process with each solution showcased as the CAD model passes through the product life cycle.

This process provides solutions to common issues in manufacturing. Here are just some of the issues that commonly crop up in production -->

-- Risk of measurement errors

-- Need for faster cycle times

-- Uncorrelated measurement to design

-- Expensive and time-consuming changes to the design during production

-- Inability to process large datasets and point clouds

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Examples from Last Year's Control Messe Show

Simulate Dimensions & Measurements

Simulating the assembly and measurement program before making or measuring parts.

Compare Measurement to CAD

Compare Measurements with the Nominal CAD data to identify features that are out of specification.

Measure In-Line

High speed vision systems improve cycle times without sacrificing data quality.

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