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eBook - 7 Habits of The Highly Effective Engineer BONUS Part 9 - Be a Mentor and Inspire Others

Paul Vickers
Sep 15, 2021 3:26:21 PM

7 Habits Series - Inspire Others

Be a Mentor

Then finally, last but not least, our final and extra habit. I was really excited when this book came out, The 8th Habit, that is:

Inspire others, be a mentor - DCS

A couple of teammates of mine got it for me for Christmas. I was both very happy to get the book and to be told that I already seem to live this habit, and that's why they thought of getting it for me. 

That is, to inspire others and be a mentor. 

That's how I like to live my life. I like to give freely and generously of my knowledge, experiences, and skills, and to share them. My goal isn't to keep them close, and everyone else far away. It is to get it all out there to elevate your team, to elevate the people you work with. Help them become better and better employees. I feel you will be paid back 100 fold. As I mentioned before, I could call people and they would help me right away because they knew it was a two-way street. We help each other back and forth. 

Be a Leader - DCS

Be a leader. A leader is a person with followers as opposed to a manager who directs people. Get in there, get your hands dirty on the line, be an example to others, and make some relationships to help everyone work better together. 

Give freely and generously - DCS

So that is it, principle-centered leadership with a Paul Vickers spin on it. 


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