Thank You for a Great 2018 - More to Come in 2019

Jan 9, 2019 10:05:00 AM

Welcome to 2019 - Let's Get Started

Let's Talk About 2018 and What's In Store for 2019

2018 has been a good year. DCS is happy to welcome new clients, and work further with existing clients as Quality 4.0 and Tolerance Analysis continue to develop. 

DCS was busy in 2018 with TWO Webinar Series (5 Parts each), journal publications, Quality Conferences and the new Training Lab. 

Mouse - GD&T and Plant Data

DCS completed its version 7.5 webinar series early in the year, with 5 Parts: 

Jan 25 Part 1: 3DCS Version 7.5 – What’s New! – Gary Bell

The first session is an overview of Version 7.5 and the new features, improvements and updates, with the following sessions delving into particular tools and features based on feedback from attendees.

Feb 22 Part 2: 3DCS Version 7.5 – X Plane Move – How to Use The New Best Fit Move for 3DCS

The X-Plane move is a 6-Plane move that allows for more than six pairs of features to be selected and then best fits your parts. It is a powerful move that can be used in a large variety of situations and may become your go to move for modeling in 3DCS. Learn how to use it, and see a number of example models to start using this new move. 

Mar 22 Part 3: 3DCS V7.5 – How to Use Your 3DCS Model for Downstream Quality - Measurement Reports, Tolerance Negotiation and Management Report

Create measurement plans and manager reports from 3DCS for downstream manufacturing professionals and the quality team.

Apr 26 Part 4: 3DCS V7.5 – Worst Case Analysis in 3DCS - How and Why to Use It

Find more about Worst Case Tolerance Analysis, 1D vs 3D, 3D vs. RSS with example models and the 3DCS Worst Case DLL. 

May 24 Part 5: 3DCS V7.5 – Modeling Methods

Learn how to use Linear Tolerancing, and the new Angular Tolerancing (Taper Tolerance) in 3DCS. In addition, find out more about Pattern Move and modeling Hinge features. 

With the new X-Plane move and downstream applications, 3DCS continues to become both easier to use, and more advanced to handle uncommon conditions. 

Publications Throughout the Year 

DCS was happy to be published in Quality Magazine early in the year, as well as Manufacturing Today --

Closed Loop Manufacturing: CAD Driven Supplier Quality
CAD simulation benefits both OEMs and suppliers, and incorporating supplier measurement data gives powerful tools for quality improvement.

DCS Supports PLM

DCS was also featured in Manufacturing Today - where Gary Bell, Senior Variation Analyst at DCS, was interviewed on the Value of GD&T -


New Tools for 3DCS and QDM Users

DCS is constantly working to make on-boarding smoother and easier for new clients, and to help expand the skills of current users. As part of this effort, DCS rolled out the new Training Lab, built in cooperation with DCS Korea, previously Hanall, and made available to all new and existing clients without cost. 


In addition to the creation of Training Lab was the updating of the DCS Community to give clients and users a place to ask questions, submit models and problems for help and search for frequently asked questions to find answers to common issues. 


DCS at IMTS - International Manufacturing Technology Show 


DCS Showcases Closed Loop Manufacturing at IMTS 2018 - Connecting CAD and SPC Systems
Using CAD to create measurement plans, and feeding measurement data back into the CAD model closes the loop on quality

DCS presented at this years IMTS 2018 Conference in Chicago. The team from DCS met manufacturers from around the world and discussing both the emerging technologies and advances in existing technology to tackle the challenges of modern manufacturing

Digital GD&T Webinar Series Teaches Use of PMI in Tolerance Analysis

DCS began their Digital GD&T webinar series in September, beginning with a walk-through on adding PMI to models in CATIA, NX and CREO. This was followed by Applications, use of production data as tolerance inputs, the use of GD&T to create supplier quality and measurement plans for downstream use and finally the use of Iterative Design to handle complex assembly processes. 

3DCS analysis measurement

See them all On-Demand below

Part 1: September 27th - How to Create Embedded GD&T in CAD

Learn how to create embedded GD&T in CATIA , NX and CREO

Part 2: October 17th GD&T Applications in Modeling

Learn tips and best practices when applying tolerances

Part 3: October 25th Hosted by Quality Digest Using Embedded GD&T to Drive MBD

Learn how to use plant data in your tolerance analysis simulation

Part 4: November 29th - Supplier Quality...for Suppliers

Tolerance Negotiation, Supplier Quality Standardization and Cloud SPC Systems

Part 5: December 13th - Iterative Design and Logic - Using Iteration Move and Mechanical Moves 

Learn how to use the Iteration Move and Mechanical Moves in 3DCS


Happy Holidays from DCS

Closing Out the Year with an EPIC Ugly Sweater 

DCS celebrated the end of year with a wonderful breakfast shared by the team.  

Christmas Brunch

The DCS team celebrated the end of the year with a wonderful Ugly Sweater Contest. The competition was fierce, but our Chris Peuterbaugh, Project Coordinator, pulled away with a sweater of truly epic proportions. 

dcs Sweater Contest

--- The glorious sweater in all its majesty ---


Thank you for the great 2018 year, and we're excited to kick things off this year with the next set of our Digital GD&T Series, as well as a host of Whitepapers and articles on the way. 

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