DCS at IMTS 2018 - Showcasing Closed Loop Manufacturing

Sep 11, 2018 1:19:42 PM

DCS Showcases Closed Loop Manufacturing at IMTS 2018 - Connecting CAD and SPC Systems

Using CAD to create measurement plans, and feeding measurement data back into the CAD model closes the loop on quality


DCS Vice President of Sales, Donald Jasurda, works with Chris Peuterbaugh, DCS Project Coordinator, to demonstrate integrated tolerance analysis and its connection to QDM SPC Software. 

Why Do Closed Loop Manufacturing

Applying Closed Loop Manufacturing gives companies a powerful set of tools to improve quality.

What is Closed Loop? Click Here to find out!

Closing the loop creates feedback loops that push data upstream as well as downstream. As talked about earlier, this can have very positive impacts on your Supplier Quality, but of course, OEM's and major manufacturers are interested in greater cost savings than just improving their Supplier Quality (although that is a big benefit!).




Demonstrating Closed Loop at the International Manufacturing Technology Show 


Demonstrating QDM Reporting and Collaboration 


Learn more about Closed Loop Manufacturing

Closed Loop Manufacturing has been utilized by OEM's in many industries to reduce the Cost of Quality and improve products in ever-shrinking product lifecycles. Learn more about Closed Loop Manufacturing at http://blog.3dcs.com/closed-loop-manufacturing-cad-driven-supplier-quality-and-continuous-quality-improvement


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