Quality 4.0 Drives Supplier Quality Assurance at ASQ Quality Summit with QDM SPC System

Sep 22, 2020 1:32:07 PM

DCS is Proud to Be Presenting at ASQ Quality 4.0 Summit September 28-30

How to Leverage Quality 4.0 Platforms to Validate Supplier Parts Before They Ship (Supplier Quality Collaboration)


Presenter: Thagu Vivek, DCS Quality Data Manager, Six Sigma Black Belt

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Learn how a collaborative Quality 4.0 platform can provide efficient processes for sharing quality documents (inspection, PPAP, FAIR), communicating dimensional quality data and measurements. See how a custom configured platform gives the tools to instantly analyze and report graphical reports and dashboards with quality metrics, trends, and 6 sigma information.

Join DCS on Tuesday, Sept 29 at 10 am CDT


Give suppliers the tools to correlate measurement and inspection, and view their own quality data in the same manner as the OEM early, giving suppliers ample time to catch and correct non-conformance, and manufacturing defects.

Watch this presentation to see a use case of a configured platform being used from start - supplier with OEM inspection plan - through review, corrective action, data correlation and collaboration processes and ending with OEM approvals showcasing tools and processes that can quickly and affordably be implemented to reduce your Cost of Quality.

About ASQ Quality 4.0 Summit 

ASQ Quality 4.0 Summit

By aligning quality practices with the digital environment, Quality 4.0 connects people to machines and machines to dataCompanies that successfully navigate digital transformatiosee significant value chain improvements across customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and company culture, but the number of enterprises currently embracing Quality 4.0 remains low.

The reason? 

Drafting a successful Quality 4.0 plan can be complicated, with many quality professionals unsure or even unaware othe tools required to frame out the projectWhat’s more, most Quality 4.0 initiatives are typically led by IT or engineering departments rather than quality teams, preventing effective change from the ground up.

At the 2020 Quality 4.0 Virtual Summit, quality professionals and organizations will learn how to map a surefire digital transformation strategy and become architects of a resilient, successful project that is built to last.

Keynotes from Industry Leaders

ASQ Keynote Speakers from FORD, ForbesASQ Keynote speakers from Lipkin and Daybreaker

Recertification Units

ASQ credential holders qualify for recertification units by participating in Recertification Activities that relate to competency and knowledge requirements of your Certification. Participants of the Quality 4.0 Virtual Summit receive 3.0 RUs (1 RU per day).  Please keep a copy of your registration confirmation as proof of participation in this event as a Recertification Activity for inclusion in your Recertification Journal.

Visit the Recertification page for more information.  If you need further assistance contact events@asq.org.

In addition to full access to the live event schedule, Summit registration includes extended on-demand access to Concurrent Sessions, Lunch and Learns, Workshops, Q-talks and the Solutions Exchange. ASQ member attendees have access through Sept. 30, 2021; non-member attendees have access through Oct. 31, 2020

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