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New in 3DCS - Group Features and Inputs in Your Model Tree for Easy Navigation

by Benjamin Reese, on May 8, 2020 1:57:39 PM

Model Tree Groups -

Group Features and Inputs in Your Tree

New Feature in 3DCS Version 7.7 - See all the new features in 3DCS V7.7 

Why this is helpful -- Navigate large models easily by grouping features in your tree together. 

Users can organize sets of Features and other into different groups by right-clicking on a 3DCS node (Features, GD&T, Measures, or Moves) and selecting [Add Feature Group]. A new Group node will appear and the user will be able to drag other features within that node.

3DCS Tree Groups - NEW in 7.7


1.Right-click on a node in the 3DCS Model Navigator (GD&T, Feature, Points, Moves, Tolerances, Measures, Spec Studies).

2.Select Add Group. Users can drag and drop items into a new or existing group.

Right-Click Options - 3DCS

3.Users can also use the Organize Group dialog, to change the other of items or where groups are ordered in the Model Navigator.

3DCS - Organize Groups



1.Right-click on a node in the 3DCS navigation tree (GD&T, Feature, Points, Moves, Tolerances, Measures, Spec Studies).

Organize Point Groups - 3DCS

2.Select Organize Groups.

Feature Groups - 3DCS


3.[Add] a new Group, select the Features desired to be in the new group and select [Add to Selected Group].

Relationship Tree - 3DCS

See for yourself in this video clip from the 7.7 Webinar:

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