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Webinar - Batch Processor - Running Multiple Analyses for Dimensional Variation Studies

August Webinar - How to Use Batch Processor for Multiple Analyses

Batch Processor allows for multiple models and analysis to be run sequentially through a line code

When: August 29th, 11 am EST via Gotowebinar

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Digital Twin -- Which Digital Twin Did You Mean?


Author: Peter Schmitt, Consulting & Advisory for PLM, CAD/CAM, CAE, Virtual Manufacturing, MES & IoT, Board Member

This article originally published on CENIT's Blog at

Everywhere we read and hear about the splendid future of the digital twin. But descriptions of what this technological concept actually means can vary a great deal. Anyone who takes a closer look at the topic quickly realizes that there are reasons for these diverging views, and understanding them makes it easier to arrive at the right investment decisions.


How to Update Your Dimensional Variation Model with Design or Engineering Changes in SOLIDWORKS

How to Incorporate Engineering and CAD Model Changes into Your Dimensional Variation Analysis

CAD model and part updates are common during most product life-cycles and design phases, but can be difficult to incorporate into existing studies. 3DCS streamlines this process to make it easy to update existing and current analyses.

Dimensional engineers are often setting up their models and studies while the design team continues to revise the  CAD model that the analyses are based upon. As the designers continue to revise the model with engineering changes, design changes, and process changes, these updated CAD parts are passed to the engineers who need to update their studies.

In many cases, this can cause issues, as 1D stacks and many Excel based studies need to be started from the beginning with new parts, changes in hole sizes or location, or the addition of new features. 3DCS, however, has some quick tools to bypass these issues, making the use of new and updated parts easy. 

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Dimensional Variation Analysis  in SOLIDWORKS - Opening and Assembling Your Product

Dimensional Variation Analysis DVA in SOLIDWORKS CAD

Open your Dimensional Variation Analysis software in SOLIDWORKS and assemble your product virtually

3DCS is now fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS. Inside the SOLIDWORKS platform, 3DCS is activated as two add-on workbenches:

Topics: CATIA 3DCS Tolerance Analysis T&T CATIA V6 Webinar Siemens NX 3DCS Creo PTC Creo SOLIDWORKS