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Webinar October 22nd, Learn to Model Faster in 3DCS and Apply As-Built Plant and Measurement Data

How Do You Speed Up Your Modeling? Is There a Way to Use Plant and Measurement Data in Your 3DCS Model?

Thursday's webinar answers these questions, showing some best practices and tips to modeling faster and utilizing measured data in your model. 

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DCS is Moving to a New Office in Troy!

Dimensional Control Systems is Moving to a New Office This October

EDIT: Move complete! We are at the new office. If you are joining DCS for training, visiting to have a meeting or swinging by, make sure you visit us at our new location below. 


New Location: 5750 New King Dr, Suite 330, Troy, Michigan, 48098

Phone Number: Same as before - 248-269-9777

DCS will still be in Troy, Michigan, but will move to a new office with more room for training, expansion and future growth. 

DCS, Inc. will be moving to a new office complex during October, 2015. The new office will have more room to host training classes, extra space for expansion and hiring as well as future growth. This move signifies the expansion of DCS as a company and the drivers to DCS's core business: manufacturing quality. 

T&T CATIA V5 Tree Modification - How to Replace Sub-Assemblies with New Processes?

3DCS in CATIA V5 Tree Modification, Part 1





Replacing significantly modified subassemblies in CATIA

What happens when you delete and replace a subassembly with one that reflects a different process?

Many hours can be invested and lost trying to replace a heavily modified subassembly using the CATIA commands and the Tree Link Wizard.  Furthermore, this method can cause excessive loss of feature links.  The Tree Link Wizard is meant for updating the model after a single part or sub-assembly is moved or replaced.  In fact, when moving multiple sub-assemblies, Update Model and the Tree Link Wizard should be used between each step. 

This Tips and Tactics is a work around to get your subassembly with 3DCS replaced and updated without tree linking and feature linking.  If you’re just replacing the same subassembly without name or structure changes, this work around usually isn’t necessary.

With this work around, MTMs at the higher assembly levels will need to be checked and possibly corrected.  3DCS Excel export can be used to easily fill in some vacancies caused by this work around since some MTM items (Moves, Tolerances, and Measures) will likely be left with missing Object and Target points.

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