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3DCS Part 2! Color mapping and the Process Capability Database

3DCS Version Webinar Series Part 2

Color Mapping and the Process Capability Database

We continue our webinar series with updates to two existing functions: Color Mapping and the Process Capability Database. 

Thursday August 6th, 2015 at 11:00 am EST

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Our second part of the series covers new updates to Color Mapping and the Process Capability Database (PCDB). Color Mapping lets you view variation on your model and quickly determine key areas and trouble spots. The Process Capability Database (PCDB) let's you create a database of known material and process tolerances that can be applied to your model with a few button clicks. This let's teams standardize their tolerance sets to reflect actual manufacturing data, and then update any of the tolerances within the model by simply uploading a new database (excel .CSV file). 

The second part in our 3DCS Version series, this webinar focuses on two existing features in 3DCS: Color Mapping and the Process Capability Database (PCDB). 

Both of these tools have been updated, adding usability and quality of life improvements. 

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3DCS Variation Analyst Version is Here!

3DCS Version is Now Live!

Download the latest version and get access to all new features and updates


I'm very excited about this new release, and we've put a lot of material and done a lot of work to for it. Take a look below at some highlights, and join me and some of our analysts for our free webinar series on all the new features! 

Dimensional Control Systems, Inc. (DCS) is releasing version of 3DCS Variation Analyst with all new features. Available integrated in CATIA V5-6, as well as Multi-CAD for NX, Pro-E and SOLIDWORKS, 3DCS Variation Analyst Version delivers advanced CAD simulation.


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T&T: Stop Renaming and Dealing With Naming Conventions in CAD with Alias Display

Alias Display for 3DCS CATIA, NX and Multi-CAD Tolerance Analysis

Stop spending time naming points and measures, and instead change all your points, measurements, tolerances and moves with one interface. Need to change them back? Make it temporary and switch back when you're done! Read on to find out more


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