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3DCS Process Capability Database - Making Tolerance Simulation Real

Getting Started with the Process Capability Database

The Process Capability Database (PCDB) is an internal database within 3DCS Variation Analyst Version 7.3. It allows users to create specific tolerance values and then link them to a tolerance in a 3DCS model.

In this Tips and Tactics, we will go over how to add, create and edit the Database, and how to add a link to a tolerance from the DB.

In 7.3, the Process Capability Database (PCDB) has brought a variety of new functions to 3DCS.

Here’s a short list:

  • New PCDB editor: Edit, create and/or delete tolerances in Excel or the internal PCDB editor.
  • Faster and easier tolerance creation with additional tools linking to the PCDB
  • Added Help, Summary, and Editor buttons
  • Two new displays for Linked or Broken tolerances; from the PCDB to the model
  • Added a Browse icon to import created PCDB files (.csv) 


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Webinar on 3DCS New Version With Advanced Tolerance Analysis Tools

3DCS Variation Analyst Version 7.3, the Exciting New Release from DCS Part 2

This is the second part of the 2 part series demonstrating the new features and functions of 3DCS Version 7.3. For access to the first part, note in the comments and questions of your registration, or email to receive the event recording.

3DCS Version 7.3 is coming out soon! With it come an expanded array of visual tools to make comprehension of your results and model data faster and more efficient. With many new features to speed up and expand your modeling, 3DCS Version 7.3 is a must have in the digital manufacturing age.

This free webinar event covers a few of the new features including:

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DCS ASIAN User Conference Coming Soon!

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NEW! 3DCS Version 7.3, Take Tolerance Analysis to a New Level

DCS is Excited to Announce the Release of 3DCS Variation Analyst Version 7.3

DCS has just released a new version of their flagship product 3DCS containing new enhancements, features and applications.

Troy, MI – Dimensional Control Systems, Inc. (DCS) is excited to release its new version of 3DCS, version 7.3. This new version contains a variety of updates, as well as all new features. As an update to the 3DCS Suite, both DCS’s CATIA integrated users and Multi-CAD standalone users will get access to all of the new functions. What’s more, those who are under active maintenance will receive the update at no cost, making this truly a win-win for DCS’s customers.

3DCS Variation Analyst Version 7.3 (3DCS) contains a variety of new updates. Some prominent additions are the Process Capability Database and new Color Mapping features. Two of 3DCS’s add-on modules have also seen additional functionality in Version 7.3, 3DCS Compliant Modeler Add-on and 3DCS Advanced Analyzer and Optimizer Add-on.

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