Webinar on 3DCS New Version With Advanced Tolerance Analysis Tools

Aug 11, 2014 12:28:00 PM

3DCS Variation Analyst3DCS Variation Analyst Version 7.3, the Exciting New Release from DCS Part 2

This is the second part of the 2 part series demonstrating the new features and functions of 3DCS Version 7.3. For access to the first part, note in the comments and questions of your registration, or email breese@3dcs.com to receive the event recording.

3DCS Version 7.3 is coming out soon! With it come an expanded array of visual tools to make comprehension of your results and model data faster and more efficient. With many new features to speed up and expand your modeling, 3DCS Version 7.3 is a must have in the digital manufacturing age.

This free webinar event covers a few of the new features including:

Thermal Warping 3DCS ModelCompliant Modeling - Thermal and Gravity

DCS has been driving the functionality of Compliant Modeler to meet the demands of FEA Engineers. With increased thermal and gravity effects, modelers can simulate their processes with a level of accuracy not seen before.

AAO 3DCS Tolerance OptimizationAdvanced Analyzer and Optimizer (AAO)

New updates to the 3DCS Add-on, AAO, have increased its optimization potential and sensitivity. A great aid for testing new configurations, or testing the effects of tolerance adjustments before applying to your model, AAO is full of helpful features to make designing and adjusting your model faster and easier. Version 7.3 has enhanced those features, making the interface and sensitivity more robust.

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