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A Year in Review - 2022 Webinar Series On-Demand

Nov 16, 2022 1:41:30 PM

DCS 2022 Webinar Series - GD&T, Major and Minor Updates, and Closed Loop with Metrologic Group

The 2022 Webinar series covered a variety of topics, providing insight into modeling techniques, new features, and MBD methods. 

Were you able to watch all of the 2022 Webinar Series? 

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It can be difficult to catch each webinar, as we have all been busy with a variety of business challenges from current events. As the year comes closer to a close, and the holiday season begins, this is the best time to catch up on anything you may have missed. 

Understanding Multi-Tooth Gear Contact Model PLUS FREE Whitepaper


In the webinar, a 3DCS variation analysis software model will be used to validate the design and tolerancing of an individual gear. Standard tests and gear specification measurements are calculated using Monte Carlo simulation and predicted results are displayed including predicted deviation from nominal values and predicted range of values.


New Features in 3DCS Update 7.8.1

In the webinar, learn about the new features and updates added in the 7.8.1 update to 3DCS software. These include changes to or new inclusions of:image-png-May-25-2022-03-58-19-71-PM

  • Groups,
  • Chordal Mesh,
  • GD&T Dim Loc,
  • Pattern-Fit,
  • Best-Fit,
  • Sequence Optimization Grouping


3DCS Version 7.9 New Features and Functions 

Watch Part 1 and Part 2 On-Demand 

Here is a short list of just some of the new features you will see:

Part 1

  • Thermal Scaling
  • Feature Angle Measure
  • Simulation Convergence
  • Google Suite Support
  • New Model Navigator in CATIA V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE
  • Normality Testing
  • New Additions to 3DCS DVM and 3DCS MVM (scalable solution)

Part 2 

  • Feature Angle Measure 
  • GD&T Help 
  • Tree Linking Wizard,  Minimum linking rules 
  • Feature Linking Wizard 
  • Dll Action Tree 
  • Contributor Analysis Enhancement
  • DVM & MVM Enhancement 
  • Google Suite Support 


e-PowerTrain Electric Motor Gear Analysis Webinar

Join DCS for a webinar by gear specialist Tom Oetjens to dive deep into the modeling and analysis of an electric vehicle motor gear assembly, demonstrating helpful tips, practices, processes, and tools.

image-png-Aug-29-2022-06-03-11-33-PMWhat You'll Learn from the Gear Variation Model:

  • Assembly Process and Rotation
  • Variation Analysis
  • Angle Backlash
  • Flank Test
  • Gear Angle to Axis
  • Life Cycle Product Advantages



DIGITAL TWIN EXCHANGE with Metrologic Group

Key Take-Aways:

  • What is a Digital Twin Exchange?
  • How to author measurement plans from the Digital Twin
  • How to connect inspection to the Digital Twin with Metrologic
  • How to utilize Metrologic inspection to feed an SPC quality monitoring and control process
  • How to connect your process to the Digital Twin at each step of PLM



Virtual Build with Measured Data plus NEW Measurement Roadmap 

Key Take-Aways:

  1. Learn how to quickly create Measurement Roadmaps from 3DCS - coordinate points for your CMM based on your 3DCS and CAD points to correlate inspection
  2. See how to automate the use of Measurement Data in 3DCS through easy to use push-buttons
  3. Find out the power of 3DCS when using as-built data to solve manufacturing issues and validate builds. 
  4. See how to set up the shop floor to utilize analysis in real time without the need for CAD access



How to Drive Quality Downstream with MBD - DCS and Metrologic Collaboration

What You'll Learn from this webinar:

  • Use of PMI in 3DCS software
  • Pulling PMI from CAD, and pushing it back post-optimization
  • Use of PMI in Metrolog
  • Creation of measurement programs from PMI
  • Simulation of programs in Metrolog
  • Bringing the completed measurements back to 3DCS



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