3DCS Version 7.8 Is Now Available - New Features, Updates, and Enhancements

Jun 23, 2021 2:17:59 PM

3DCS Version 7.8 Production Release Is Now Available for All DCS Clients

The new version includes tons of new features and improvements.

First showcased at the DCS Global Technology Conference, the new version of 3DCS brings with it a host of new features and enhancements. 

Not Familiar with DCS Software? 

New Features in Version

  • Pattern Move- Support for Slot/Tab features
  • 3D Best Fit Floating - Determinate Assembly
  • Chordal Mesh Setting - Distance between mesh and CAD
  • Worst-Case Improvements
  • Single Part Analysis - Matching Processes and More
  • Gear Module for Mechanical Modeler
  • Collision Detection

Additional Features and Enhancements

The new release of 3DCS in the summer of 2021 provides some great enhancements and tools:

  • Improved Arc Tolerance Results
  • GD&T Form support for spherical and cylindrical features
  • Worst-Case to better handle Bonus, Datum Shift, and Floats
  • Composite Position GD&T allows non-size features
  • AAO adds Datum Optimizer
  • AAO adds Sequence Optimizer
  • Part Distance Measure

Click to Download the What's New Document [PDF] to See All the Updates

Gear Module for Mechanical Modeler Add-on

Want to See All the Major Enhancements?

Join the upcoming 3 part webinar series to see all the enhancements demonstrated in 3DCS with helpful tips and guides. 

3DCS Version 7.8 Webinar Series

August 26 --- Part 1 - New in 3DCS Version 7.8 - Overview of New Features
September 30 --- Part 2 - New in 3DCS Version 7.8
October 28 --- Part 3 - New in 3DCS Version 7.8
 Register for all 3 by Clicking Below


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