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CENIT Virtual Simulation Day Next Week - Register Now

Nov 18, 2021 10:56:04 AM

CENIT's Simulation Day is Next Week, November 23rd, and Will Showcase All the Innovations in 3DCS Software and the Future Vision

CENIT Simulation Day Nov 23rd

CENIT's virtual simulation day starts at 9:30 am CEST, and showcases three different tracks. Each track focuses on a core software offer from CENIT; SIMULIA, 3DCS, DEFORM. The tracks offer presentations about the latest updates, new methods, and future vision of each software. 

Register Now: https://www.cenit.com/en_EN/events/simulation-user-day.html

9:30 am CEST is 2:30 am EST, and maybe a little early for professionals in North America to join. To provide for CENIT's global client base, they are offering their tracks on-demand to registrants after the live sessions. Not all presentations will be on-demand, so catching the live sessions is still the best option, which also gives access to live Q&A with the CENIT and their partner's technical teams. At DCS headquarters, we're excited to watch the afternoon sessions live and then catch the morning events on-demand. 

As the developers of 3DCS software, we're more inclined to watch the 3DCS track. What can you expect from this track next Tuesday?

9:45 AM CEST -- What's New in 3DCS Release 7.8 Part 1

Enhancements in Variation Analyst

Tune into the morning to see the new enhancements added to 3DCS this year. These were added to the base software and are available to all clients with active support (maintenance) for no charge! 

11:00 AM CEST -- What's New in 3DCS Release 7.8 Part 2

Enhancements in Mechanical Variation Modeler / Mechanical Modeler Add-On:

  • Collision Detection
  • Feature Distance Measurement
  • Gear Modeling

3DCS has had a number of special feature enhancements. I'm most excited to see the addition of Collision Detection -- letting 3DCS predict the risk of part collision in your assembly based on your assembly method and tolerance stack up. This is very helpful in small devices as well as large ones. Any kind of motor can utilize this method to check for clearance on the internal components and can reduce the risk of functional issues. 

1:00 PM CEST -- What's New in 3DCS Release 7.8 Part 3

Enhancements in Advanced Analyzer/Optimizer

  • Datum Optimizer (Rigid / Compliant)
  • Sequence Optimizer

Engineers have been asking for more optimizers and automated tools to improve the build. To answer these needs, DCS has provided not one, but TWO new optimizers as part of the Advanced Analyzer and Optimizer Add-on. With the ability to find optimum Datums and determine the best sequence based on travel path and process (weld, clamp, bolt, rivet, etc) variation, engineers now have more tools to help control variation in production and reduce non-conformances. 

2:00 PM CEST -- Best Practice/Tips and ISO GPS Standards (Matrix Model)

As any engineer will tell you, the tool can only do so much. It's the pilot that determines the effectiveness of any tool or device (in addition to the tool. I mean, using a power drill vs a hand drill makes a big difference too). Learn ways you can become a better pilot and add some quality of life to your modeling. Complementing this is a review of ISO GPS Standards, helpful when working abroad or for international companies. 

2:45 PM CEST -- DCS Roadmap

What's in store for the future of variation analysis? Find out as Dave Johnson, 3DCS Product Manager shows what the future vision of 3DCS is and what is coming next. 

3:15 PM CEST -- Discussion - Open Q&A

Have questions? Join the live discussion and learn about applications, use cases, and specific uses of 3DCS software. 

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CENIT Simulation Day Nov 23rd - 3DCS Software


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