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August DCS Digest - GD&T Benefits and Tips Webinar Plus IMTS Previews

Aug 17, 2022 4:48:37 PM
GD&T Benefits & Tips Webinar with IMTS Preview
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DCS DIGEST - August Edition


August is coming to an end fast, so make sure to join our end-of-the-month webinar on GD&T, and get everything ready for the International Manufacturing and Technology Show coming to Chicago in just a few weeks

3DCS GD&T Tolerancing Benefits

August's webinar will take you through the GD&T journey with 3DCS. Learn about the value of using GD&T in your model, how to add GD&T, and tips to getting the most out of your GD&T. A webinar that any engineer can learn something from!

  • Date: Aug 25th, 2022
  • Time: 11 am EST
  • Cost: Free

Event Agenda

  • Legacy vs GD&T Tolerances 
  • GD&T\PMI Extraction Benefits 
  • Supported Features (Points, Features, Cylinders,...)
  • Location, Orientation & Form 
  • Datum Reference Frame (DRF) simulation
  • 3D Surfaces
  • RSS and Range Control Settings
  • Datum Targets

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Are you ready for IMTS 2022? 

IMTS 2022

Sept 12-17

DCS and Metrologic Team Up at IMTS 2022

Join us at booth 135716

DCS and Metrologic have teamed up to showcase a complete end-to-end metrology solution at IMTS 2022. 

From creating and optimizing GD&T during the digital phase through simulation, to inspection planning, device programming, and data collection, all the way to high-level SPC analytics, real-time monitoring, and dashboard, the end-to-end solution streamlines your quality throughout the product lifecycle. 

Keep an eye on our blog, and join us at the event to learn more about how you can take advantage of the end-to-end solution in part, or in whole, to automate your quality processes and reduce your costs. 

End-to-End Solution - QIF Enabled Digital Twin

DCS and Metrologic, both SANDVIK companies, have come together to offer the only true End-to-End Solution for manufacturers.

Combining simulation, design, measurement planning, inspection, and quality monitoring and management, the End-to-End Solution ensures high quality and reduced defects across the entire Product Life Cycle.

On display at the conference, attendees will be able to walk the entire End-to-End Solution, from 3DCS simulation studies, Silma planning, CNC manufacture, robotic inspection, inline inspection (DWFritz ZERO Touch), measurement, analysis, SPC, and real-time monitoring. Powered by the Digital Twin, and carried through the process with QIF, the End-to-End Solution offers a complete hardware agnostic solution to solve manufacturing quality and improve supplier quality.

Want to learn more about the End-to-End Solution? Get a FREE Quality Review

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Need Help Getting Started with 3D Tolerance Analysis?

Let DCS Help

Modeling Services, Training, Advanced Support

At DCS, we strive to provide our customers with the help and support they need to succeed. Find out how DCS can help you jumpstart your quality initiatives and meet your goals on time and under budget.

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