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DCS and Dassault Systemes have partnered to host a one day event at Dassault Systemes Headquarters in Meudon La Foret, France. 

Date: September 23rd, 2015

Location: Dassault Systemes, Immeuble Terre Europa 1 A3-1, rue Jeanne Braconnier 92360 Meudon La Foret

This one day conference will combine presentations from DCS partners, Hitex, DCS ltd, Dassault Systemes, and customers the likes of Airbus, MGRD Italia, Faurecia Exhaust, Jaguar Land Rover and SNECMA. With a focus on model based definition and advanced analysis, the event is an excellent opportunity to learn about upcoming technology in tolerance analysis and quality data systems. Learn from leading companies in their industries how they apply these tools and processes to deliver high quality products efficiently and effectively. 


Topics: CATIA 3DCS

Test Weld Sequences with 3DCS FEA Compliant Modeler (Finite Element Analysis)

Optimizing and Testing Weld Sequences in 3DCS FEA Compliant Modeler

Does changing the sequence of your welds affect your assembly?


This short video simulates a front rail, essentially two pieces of sheet metal being welded together. The model is designed to measure estimated springback. This simulation uses 3DCS Variation Analyst in CATIA V5 R24, and includes the 3DCS FEA Compliant Modeler Add-on. This simulation was completed by DCS"s senior variation analyst, Gary Bell

Modeling Different Sequences 

Topics: 3DCS FEA

T&T - Color Contour (Color Mapping) Add Visual Context to Your Dimensional Analysis

Color Contour (Color Mapping)

                    in 3DCS Variation Analyst



Color Contour (also known as Color Mapping) is a visualization tool which shows the level of variation on parts during Deviation and Simulation. It allows a user to pinpoint part and assembly tolerances, and measurements that are most critical to the assembly process.

How do I start using the tool?

        No crayons or color pencils are required but a 3DCS Variation Analysis license is needed to run 3DCS. To apply Color Contour, the user will need to locate the 3DCS Display Toolbar and activate Color Contour. Once the user activates Color Contour, Multi-CAD, CATIA V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE require a specific visualization type. This is automatically changed in the software and will produce a warning to show the user it changed. Open the Color Contour options to activate the legend.

  • To view Color Contour while in Deviation, a model requires at least one Move and one Tolerance or GD&T callout.
  • To view Color Contour in a Simulation, a model will require at least one Move, one Tolerance or GD&T and one Measure.

Note: A user can have both a Simulation window open and show Deviation by either clicking in the Graph window or the Simulation window.


Topics: 3DCS Tolerance Analysis T&T

Version Part 3: Finite Element Analysis FEA - Materials, Flexing, Bending and Clamping

3DCS Version Series Part 3

Finite Element Analysis FEA and Compliant Modeling


Topics: 3DCS FEA Webinar