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3DCS Version 8.0 Is Now Available - Tolerance Simulation Software

Aug 30, 2023 12:56:45 PM

3DCS Version 8.0 Is Now Available - See It In The Webinar Series

3DCS Variation Analyst

The new version of 3DCS brings a myriad of new updates, features, and functions that will be shown in a 4 part webinar series

Every year DCS strives to release one major release of 3DCS Variation Analyst Software packed with new features and quality-of-life improvements for users. This year's release, the much-anticipated Version 8.0, contains an extraordinary amount of updates and new features. DCS will be hosting a four-part webinar series to demonstrate the major updates and changes. 

If you're looking for the new software, you can download it by clicking here, or request download access if you do not have a login for DCS FileShare. 

3DCS Variation Analyst is the leading tolerance stack simulation software. As a CAD-integrated or standalone software, 3DCS extends your CAD environment to include the simulation of part tolerances, manufacturing processes, and assembly sequences to build true digital twins. This provides a test bed for determining the risk of failure at build, critical to quality areas of your product, whether tolerances are too loose or too tight, and to try out alternate specifications without paying for prototypes or expensive testing. With a historic precedent for reducing scrap, build failures, and non-conformance in manufacturing, 3DCS Variation Analyst continues to prove the value of both digital transformation and model-based definition. 

What's New in 3DCS Version 8.0 

DCS is hosting a webinar series to showcase and explain all of the new updates. This is a great chance for users to see firsthand what's new, and how it will affect their simulation work. As a webinar series, there is a single registration for all 4 parts, and the recorded sessions will be sent to all registrants the day after the live event. 

Click Here to Register 

Aug 31, 2023 - 3DCS V8.0 Part 1

  • Auto Orientation and Form 
  • Multiple DRF Support
  • Circle Size Tolerance 
  • Equation Measure \ User Dll GUI

Sept 14, 2023 - 3DCS V8.0 Part 2

  • SubAsm Modeling 
  • Auto Feature Linking 
  • Edit Feature 
  • Save Nominal Locations 

Sept 28, 2023 - 3DCS V8.0 Part 3

  • Loop Float
  • Best Fit
  • Capability Tolerance
  • Translation Move
  • AutoBend Move
  • Cross Product

Oct 19. 2023 - 3DCS V8.0 Part 4

  • Animation Accelerator 
  • Gear Modeler New Types
  • Plus More

Join DCS Starting Tomorrow, Aug 31st, for the Webinar Series, or Watch It On-Demand 

3DCS Version 8 webinar series - register


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