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GD&T Goes Digital on WhatsApp - Join Experts in GD&T Discussions

Gili Omri
Aug 23, 2023 3:59:44 PM

GD&T Joins WhatsApp

Join a professional WhatsApp group dedicated to GD&T usage, adoption, and proliferation.


Hosted by DCS partner TES Technologies and ASME Certified GD&T expert Gili Omri, the chat provides a place to discuss GD&T, ask questions of other experts, and learn more about GD&T examples.

Why adopt geometric tolerances as a work method?

Improve the quality of the design, production, and auditing process and preserve knowledge in the organization. Enable cost reduction by shortening turnover times and reducing hidden costs. Improve communication between design, production, and criticism through the use of a uniform and agreed-upon language. Reduce  50% of the meetings in order to explain the design intent. Allow the manufacturer to focus on the functional constraints in the design and release production tolerances when it is unnecessary to define them.

Enable functional auditing of a single item (geometric requirements reflect functional interfaces and constraints). Reduce the amount of changes in the drawing as a result of proper analysis of the tolerances, production of matching drawings, and understanding of the determination of tolerance values. So many advantages of switching to one work method! 

It is free to join, and with over 100 other experts and engineers already there, there's no reason not to join

Click the Link Below to Join the Conversation


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