Webinar Thursday - Quality 4.0 - How CAD GD&T Drives Model Based Definition with 3DCS Tolerance Analysis Software

Oct 22, 2018 12:12:06 PM

Quality 4.0 - How CAD GD&T Drives Model Based Definition with 3DCS Tolerance Analysis Software

Learn how 3DCS connects processes from GD&T to measurement planning to final problem solving in production. 

DCS in partnership with Quality Digest will be presenting Closed Loop on Thursday, October 25th, 2018 at 2 PM EST. 

This webinar will demonstrate how to begin with GD&T and read it into 3DCS, feeding into a variation analysis model and simulation. From the simulation, measurement plans are created, with point coordination between measurement devices and the CAD model. Once data is collected at the plant, that information can then be fed into the CAD model for determining Mean Shift, simulation to reality correlation, and root cause analysis and problem solving for manufacturing defects and assembly issues. This powerful process provides a method of interconnecting design, engineering and manufacturing through the CAD model utilizing model based definition MBD. 


Quality 4.0 connects processes and tools, streamlining modeling creation and collaboration. See how tolerance analysis software validates and optimizes GD&T, simulating a digital twin and providing the risk of failure based on part tolerances and the assembly process. 







These simulations then feed downstream applications, creating SPC and manager reports and critical-to-quality features to direct measurement plans and manufacturing. The model continues to provide value by utilizing measured plant data to root cause production issues and testing solutions. 

Join Gary Bell, ASME Certified Trainer, as he goes through the Closed Loop process from CAD embedded GD&T to final product problem solving. 

Presenter: Gerhard Bell, Variation Analyst - ASME Certified GD&T Trainer

Gary Bell is a dimensional engineer with more than 15 years of experience working for Dimensional Control Systems (DCS) specializing on GD&T and Dimensional Management. Bell received his degree in engineering from Wayne State University as well as becoming a Senior Level ASME certified instructor.

With DCS, Bell has successfully completed many projects for major companies in the automotive, aerospace and defense, medical device and electronics industries. As the senior instructor at DCS, he has been instrumental in delivering instruction and expertise to both DCS customers and employees.


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