Webinar March 28th - 3DCS V7.6 Overview -- Model Variants and New Features

Mar 21, 2019 1:40:17 PM

3DCS V7.6 Overview --

Model Variants and New Features

The new version of 3DCS offers powerful new features in the form of a new GD&T interface, Model Variants and more. 

3DCS Version 7.6 is now available to all DCS Clients with active maintenance -- go to https://fileshare.3dcs.com/ to download the new version. 

3DCS Version 7.6 introduces two new features as well a host of enhancements. The upcoming webinar on March 28th will focus on the new Model Variants tool, as well as other enhancements.


Model Variants have been added to the new version of 3DCS. This much requested feature allows users to designate different model builds within the same model. This reduces issues with version control, as well as removing the need for multiple cloned versions of the same model in order to simulate different processes, parts or tolerance schemes. Now, within the same model, users can define different assembly methods, tolerances or GD&T, and measurements for each variant, swapping between them with the push of a button.

This makes it easy to model different what-if scenarios, or to model parts and processes from different suppliers. With the added functionality of both multi-core processing and cloud based distributed processing, it becomes a simple process to switch between variants and quickly run analyses to compare outputs.

3DCS for CREO - Model Variants

Join DCS for their next webinar, What’s New in Version 7.6, on March 28th at 11 am EST, or visit DCS on the web at https://www.3dcs.com/technical-support/dcs-webinars-on-demand to watch all of the previous videos and webinars On-Demand.



Did You Miss the First Part on the New GD&T Interface?

Use GD&T to Put Tolerances on Your Model

3DCS Version 7.6 introduces a new GD&T interface that provides the tools to apply GD&T to your model. The GD&T is then used as the tolerance inputs for your Monte Carlo analysis. This provides a number of powerful benefits:

1. Optimize CAD PMI and GD&T -- Push back optimized GD&T to your CAD model

2. Simplify the tolerance process -- Utilize the standard language of GD&T to plainly add tolerances onto your model. 

3. Create more granular analyses -- With each tolerance (even angularity) having it's own callout or part of a particular call out, it is easier to determine the specific input most responsible for 

View the Webinar On-Demand by Clicking the Image Below

What's new in 3DCS V7.6 -- GD&T Interface

See the intro to the first part of the V7.6 Webinar 

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