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Tom Oetjens, DCS, to Showcase Fast, Easy and Comprehensive Gear Modeling with NEW Gear Module for 3DCS Software

by Benjamin Reese, on May 7, 2021 5:34:35 PM

Tom Oetjens, DCS, to Showcase Fast, Easy, and Comprehensive Gear Modeling

Coming soon to 3DCS Mechanical Modeler Add-on Module, the Gear Module provides an easy-to-use tool for modeling gear assemblies. 

The Gear Module provides unique tools for modeling gears that streamlines the process, making it easy to quickly model multiple interlocking gears on your assembly. 

New for Mechanical Modeler Add-on - Gear Module

The 3DCS Gear Module (Mechanical Modeler Add-on) can be used to assess gear backlash and mounting misalignments, perform angular backlash analysis, and create flank test displays and contact patterns. Here are some of the measurements it supports:

  • Backlash and system backlash.
  • Line of action contact.
  • Center mounting distance.
  • Mounting angles.
  • Contact pressure angles.
  • Flank contact area.
  • Radial tooth interface.
  • Radial tooth gap.

Plus, it supports both fine and coarse gear modeling, depending on the gear and business requirements.

New to Mechanical Modeler - Gear Module

Learn about this new upcoming module for 3DCS at the DCS Global Technology Conference on Tuesday, May 11th at 11:00 am EST


About the Speaker

Tom Oetjens has over 40 years of experience in CAD/CAM /CAE experience in building computer-aided applications and implementing start-up technologies. 

As an accomplished application architect, his vision and expertise has resulted in advanced computer-aided technical applications being put into production.  Many of these are firsts and have been recorded as corporate intellectual property, including three patents.  

Significant competitive advantages were developed in industrial metals technologies: 

  • Die Face Sculptured Surface Machining, Sheet Metal Springback, Morphing, Die Face Generation, Assembly, CMM  Inspection, Forming, Warm Forming, Hot Stamp, Edge Crack Detection, Plastic Stress Analysis, Aluminum HPDC Casting
  • Material Properties, Databases and Generators, Design of Experiments
  • 3DCS Developments in: Analysis of Casting Machining Stock,  DOE of Contributors,  Assembly Clamping and Welding Simulations, Gear Train Analysis

Learn More at the 2021 DCS Global Technology and Users Conference

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