DCS Welcomes Mercedes Benz AG to Present Concept Design and Analysis Using 3DCS MultiCAD with Tail Lamp Alignment Example

May 6, 2021 10:30:00 AM

DCS is Proud to Welcome Stephan Watrin, Mercedes-Benz AG, to Present at the 2021 DCS Global Technology Conference

Stephan Watrin, Mercedes-Benz AG, to present dimensional management of C-Class Coupe Tail Lamp Alignment. This includes major considerations of the dimensional qualities as well as how they contribute to the perceived quality of the vehicle. Watrin discusses how the use of 3DCS contributed to the establishment of a robust design through the application of tolerance simulation. 


The focus of the presentation is a tail lamp alignment study that details the analysis in the three areas:

  • Lamp Screwing Methodology
  • Lamp geometrical effects
  • Lamp location concepts (pin/spacer)

Designing Multiple Variants in 3DCS MultiCAD

3DCS MultiCAD is a CAD agnostic tolerance stack simulation tool developed by Dimensional Control Systems. 

Using 3DCS MultiCAD, Watrin demonstrates the power of model variants in determining optimal methods of locating and attaching sub-assemblies on a larger product. This method is emphasized using a tail lamp assembly example, and multiple attachment methods. Stephan Watrin walks through the model and explains the method and reasoning behind different assembly methods and how analysis provides answers on the optimal choice. 

Daimler Model Variant Assembly Ex - DCS GTC

Join Us Next Week to Meet Stephan Watrin and Learn About His Work

Join Stephan Watrin on Tuesday, May 12th at 9:00 am EST at the DCS Global Technology Conference to see Concept Design and Analysis Using 3DCS By the Example of Tail Lamp Alignment

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