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Reduce Cycle and Launch Time by Optimizing Clamp, Join, and Weld Sequences

by Benjamin Reese, on May 20, 2020 4:39:00 PM

Optimize Clamp and Join Sequences with 3DCS Sequence Optimizer

Webinar: Learn about the new optimizer in 3DCS version 7.7 to optimize clamp, join (weld, bolt, rivet, screw) sequences to improve cycle times and reduce lead times

3DCS Sequence Optimizer quickly and efficiently finds the preferred sequence for clamping & joining parts to minimize assembly variation and process time.

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Reasons to Use Sequence Optimizer: 

  • Reduce lead and launch time by eliminating or minimizing manual (Excel for example) join\clamp sequence studies
  • By determining the optimal join\clamp sequence from a candidate set
  • Final sequences that produce manufactured assemblies as close to nominal as possible given variation from design gaps, part tolerances, and the impact of join\clamp sequence

3DCS Weld Sequence Example


Inputs and outputs for 3DCS Sequence Optimizer

Using sequence optimization improves the overall process by optimizing the travel path as part of the sequence set. This helps eliminate the problem of optimized sequences that ignore travel path and increase the cycle time to unacceptable levels. The sequence optimization goes through iterations of optimization, improving the overall performance after each analysis. Below you can see the results from an initial study on optimizing the spot weld sequence from the image above: 

3DCS Sequence Optimizer Example Study

The resulting process sequence provides a method for producing manufactured assemblies as close to nominal as possible given the variation from design gaps, part tolerances, and the impact of join & clamp sequences. 

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