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ETA Inc., Engineering Technology Associates and DCS Inc., Dimensional Control Systems Announce Expanded Partnership

by Benjamin Reese, on May 15, 2020 3:10:04 PM

ETA Inc., Engineering Technology Associates and DCS Inc., Dimensional Control Systems Announce Expanded Partnership

May 15, 2020 – ETA-China, a subdivision of Engineering Technology Associates, Inc. (ETA), an engineering and software innovator, and Dimensional Control Systems, Inc. (DCS), the leading provider of tolerance simulation and analysis software, have expanded their partnership in signing a Master Distributor Agreement. This new agreement enables ETA-China to provide DCS’s 3DCS tolerance analysis software and QDM SPC Software in addition to ETA-China’s engineering services throughout China.

With over 37 years in the transportation and engineering communities, ETA-China has been a value added reseller of DCS products for more than 10 years. ETA-China is well positioned to help manufacturers across China with their tolerance simulation analyses, SPC initiatives, and Model Based Design programs, helping to enable manufacturers to quickly and efficiently incorporate DCS quality solutions into their business model and operations.

“I am proud to announce that DCS has named ETA-China a Master Reseller for our software solutions in China.  Since 2009 they have been a valued partner and distributor, providing our 3DCS tolerance simulation software to the CATIA automotive market and being pivotal in making 3DCS Variation Analyst the de facto standard. As a Master Reseller, ETA-China has expanded their offerings to include the entire product line of 3DCS integrated CAD platforms including; 3DEXPERIENCE, NX, CREO, and SOLIDWORKS. ETA-China will also be supporting our QDM Suite of quality SPC reporting software, bringing manufacturers an end-to-end closed loop quality analysis and reporting system.” – John Mathieson, CEO and President, DCS Inc.

The 3DCS software suite is the standard for advanced tolerance analysis across many industries. Used daily by OEM's in aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical device, and energy sectors, 3DCS gives designers and engineers the tools they need to identify potential build issues and iteratively resolve them, all through 3D digital simulation. As a CAD integrated tool, 3DCS provides a seamless approach to tolerance stack up analysis. Combining part tolerances, tooling, and manufacturing processes, 3DCS gives engineers a true vision into their product’s behavior, providing answers early in the product life cycle that can save millions in reducing potential manufacturing issues and scrapped parts.

QDM SPC Software is a suite of tools designed to automate and simplify the analysis and reporting of manufacturing data. Comprised of modules, with basic standalone tools for analysis and reporting of datasets like QDM 3D Analyst, to custom SPC systems that collect, analyze, monitor, report, and alert in the form of QDM WEB. These tools communicate with design simulation, 3DCS, in order to provide powerful root cause analysis and continuous process improvement to identify potential issues in production, and quickly resolve existing problems while minimizing scrap and rework.

“I am delighted, and it is my pleasure to sign this new agreement with DCS. ETA-China has become one of DCS’s most successful Channel Partners. This agreement will provide a platform to increase its footprint in China by expanding our market for DCS software solutions to all OEM’s and major suppliers in the automotive industry. Also, ETA-China is looking to diversify in other viable industries in the coming years.”

– Dr. Akbar Farahani, CEO & President, ETA

For more information on the DCS Solution, visit ETA-China on the web at…[I can’t find any 3DCS information on ETA’s site, and the site is down] or DCS at


About ETA, Inc.

ETA, established in 1983, began as a team of product development engineers working as structural analysts for the world’s largest automotive companies. ETA’s expertise has expanded to providing product design & development solutions from concept to production, along with supplying research and innovation using CAE, CAD, and optimization tools (Durability, Vehicle Dynamics, NVH, Crash/Safety, Die System Structure and Manufacturing Processes) across many industries. Proactive in the creation and implementation of new technology and software, ETA’s products include; ACP OpDesign™*, DYNAFORM®, VPG Suite™ and PreSys®.

For further information about ETA and its products, please visit or call 248.729.3010  *Accelerated Concept to Product (ACP) Process

About DCS

DCS is a software developer providing tolerance analysis and quality SPC solutions to the automotive, aerospace, medical device, electronics, and energy industries. With more than 20 years’ experience, DCS has grown to include clients from every region of the globe including companies like Airbus, BMW, GM, LG, Jaguar Land Rover, Phillips, Sony, Textron Aviation, and Volkswagen. As a quality solution provider, DCS prides itself on providing clients with not just software, but services, staffing, and dedicated support to guarantee the success of their quality initiatives.

To learn more about DCS and its products, visit  


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