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QDM WEB Now Available on Mobile Devices, Bringing Industry Leading SPC Tools to the Palm of Your Hand

Dimensional Control Systems has brought the QDM WEB System into the world of mobile by upgrading it with a responsive design, instantly changing the interface based on the user’s device.

QDM is now on your handheld deviceDimensional Control Systems’ (DCS) in partnership with E7 Solutions, is releasing QDM WEB for Mobile, a new responsive design for the QDM WEB System. This adaptive design unlocks QDM WEB for all mobile devices, instantly adapting the system to deliver SPC reports, dashboards and real-time analytics to your phone or tablet.  

QDM WEB is a web-based SPC system that can be configured to specific manufacturing environments. As a collaborative tool, QDM WEB provides real-time reporting and dashboards of inspection information to manufacturers and engineers. Using automated centralization of data into a company server, QDM WEB allows users to mine their plant data in order to determine trends, growing manufacturing issues and to monitor their production lines in real-time, instantly alerting managers to production issues as they begin to happen.

Formatted for mobile devices, QDM WEB provides an easy to use interface on your handheld device that can watch all of your production lines and pull information about specific parts, assemblies and products instantly. With this new update, users of a QDM WEB System, whether it is a global system spanning multiple regions, or a single site system in a plant, can now stay connected, enjoying the same level of security as they would at their desktop, to their quality levels even when traveling and offsite. 

“DCS is constantly improving and adding to the QDM System, growing it to meet the increasing needs of industry,” said Donald Jasurda, DCS Vice President. “With technology becoming more robust and manufacturing continuing to grow into global systems, having a single collaborative system to store, mine and utilize quality information instantaneously is vital to the success of today’s manufacturing. This update brings all the power of QDM WEB into the palm of your hands, staying connected to quality data even when off-site or traveling. Never before has meaningful quality data been made so accessible.  Shop floor workers to plant manager are now armed with a quality monitoring system at their fingertips, dramatically reducing time to root-cause production problems and fix build issues, saving organizations time and money.” 

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