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2016 Webinars - Did You Miss Any? Now On Demand!

by Benjamin Reese, on Dec 16, 2016 11:26:01 AM

2016 Webinar Series - All Now On Demand

2016 was a busy year, so it is understandable that you might have missed some of the webinars this year. To help you catch up, DCS is now offering all three 2016 webinar series on demand. 

DCS hosted three webinar series in 2016:

2_max_gap_cover.jpg1. Perceived Quality -

Combining visualization and tolerance analysis to determine gap and flush conditions and see how variation affects product appearance. This webinar series goes through the tools in 3DCS and some visualization tools to show how to setup Perceived Quality Studies and how they benefit your product. 



3dcs-nx-mouse-assembly-process.png2. 3DCS for NX Series -

DCS released the new version of 3DCS Variation Analyst, 3DCS for NX, which is not fully integrated into Siemen's NX CAD. This two part series showcases this new product and one of its add-ons, 3DCS Mechanical Modeler. 



essentials-mouse-nx-arrangements.png3. Essentials Series -

This 3 part series walks through tools and best practices to help users model faster and more efficiently. This series is highly recommended for both new and experienced users of 3DCS. 

You can find all the webinars on the DCS Community at or scroll down. 


3DCS Essentials Series (Best Practices and Useful Features in 3DCS - 2016)


Part 1 - Essentials - Early Model Time Savers and Quality of Life Improvements

This part of the Essentials series focuses on tools and best practices that can be used in the beginning of modeling and during setup to make modeling easier throughout the process. This includes customizing tool bars, mouse shortcuts, creating scenes and Alias Display. 

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Part 2 - Essentials - Modeling Tips to Speed Up and Simplify Modeling

Focusing on modeling processes, this webinar covers Features Points, using CAD lines to show tooling, embedded GD&T, Joints and Constraints and other tools from the CAD system to speed up your modeling. 

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Part 3 - Essentials - Analysis Sharing and Collaboration

Covering Excel Import/Excel, Process Capability Database to connect your points to a database, color mapping, reporting and automated inspection plans. 

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3DCS for NX Series (New NX Integrated Version of 3DCS - 2016)


Part 1 - 3DCS for NX Now Fully Integrated into Siemens NX

With all the functionality you're familiar with in 3DCS Variation Analyst, 3DCS for NX allows you to leverage the NX CAD system to integrate with Teamcenter and to use NX tools with your 3DCS models. 

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Part 2 - 3DCS for NX Mechanical Modeler - Add Kinematic Moves to 3DCS

This webinar covers both Joints and Constraints (Mechanical Moves) as well as the new Degree of Freedom Counter (DoF). 

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Perceived Quality Series (Visualization and Gap Plan - 2016)


Part 1 - Improve Consumer Perception with CATIA and 3DCS 

Part 1 of the Perceived Quality Series focuses on setting up and utilizing Spec Studies to set build objectives and view specifications of your product to determine their visual impact. 

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Part 2 - Using Variation Analysis to Determine Product Appearance

Part 2 of the Perceived Quality Series shows how a Monte Carlo analysis can be set up and used to determine the appearance of a product incorporating variation. 

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Part 3 - Advanced Visualization Tools 

High end visualization tools bring your product simulations to life. This webinar showcases a number of visualization tools that can be used to create life like images from your CAD models. 

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For moreinformation, visit the DCS Community

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