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QDM ANALYST Update Now Live - Find Out What's New

by Benjamin Reese, on Aug 28, 2018 10:09:54 AM

QDM Analyst's Latest Version is Now Live on Fileshare for Download 

Download the latest version of QDM Analyst with enhancements and new features

The development teams at DCS are constantly at work coding new enhancements and features for DCS Software. QDM Analyst, the template and report creator from the QDM SPC System, has been updated with new enhancements and features based on user feedback. 


Here are the highlights to the new version: 

Key Enhancements -

  1. Satellite Station Enhancement to monitor and update Machine State
  2. 2D Template Layout Wizard
  3. Adding company branded banners to QDM Templates
  4. Edit chart page dialog box has an added column of classification to sort and group features based on Classification
  5. Show/Hide Leader Line option for Index Page
  6. Tile Vertically option will also Auto Window all the Graph Windows
  7. User defined color and font for color box and color coded items
  8. Quick Access to Machine Shop Menus
  9. Display JSN numbers on Statistics charts
  10. Automatically updated DATE field on Title Page
  11. Enhancements to Composite Chart

Questions about the new enhancements? 

Head to the DCS Community to learn more 


Interested in downloading the latest version? 




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