Part 2 - 3DCS Version 7.9 -- What's New

Jun 15, 2022 3:18:10 PM

3DCS Version 7.9 New Features and Updates Webinar Part 2

Join DCS Thurs June 23rd for the 2nd part of the 3DCS Version 7.9 Webinar Series to see what the new major release of 3DCS delivers


The new version of 3DCS Version 7.9 is now available!


Request New Version - 3DCSThe second part of  3DCS Version 7.9 Series showcases the rest of the major feature updates. Join us to see all of the following -- 

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In the second part, you'll see:

  • Feature Angle Measure 
  • GD&T Help 
  • Tree Linking Wizard,  Minimum linking rules 
  • Feature Linking Wizard 
  • Dll Action Tree 
  • Contributor Analysis Enhancement
  • DVM & MVM Enhancement 
  • Google Suite Support 

Feature Angle Measure

    • Simple Feature-based Angle Measurement to measure planes and axial features.
      • Supported in 3DCS VA, MVM & DVM configurations.

GD&T Help 

New additions to the Help Documents to explain GD&T callouts and provide assistance in writing GD&T into your models. 

Tree Linking Wizard

Two New options to link parts in the Tree Link Wizard

  • Link By Exact Name: Searches the CAD tree list for the component that has the exact same name from the Saved Tree list.
  • Link By Minimum Name: Searches the CAD tree list for the component with a portion of the name from the Saved Tree list.

Feature Linking Wizard 

Auto Link: Automatically links all the features in the list with a button click.

Dll Action Tree 

Get new aids to assist in using Dll Moves - custom Move's designed for customers or by customers for unique scenarios and special cases. Many Dll's have gained custom interfaces in order to make it easier to use these special Moves. 

(Remember that Moves are assembly processes used in 3DCS to simulate the assembly of products)

Contributor Analysis Enhancement

New enhancements have improved the Contributor Analysis. This analysis provides a list of features that are contributing to the current measurement's variation. The webinar will cover enhancements made to the analysis results. 


DVM & MVM Enhancement 

  • Thermal Scaling move is now available to scale rigid parts due to temperature change.
  • Feature Angle measure outputs the nominal value and variation of the angle between two features.
  • Generate Reports using Google Workspace: Added an option to export/import Notes or Generate a 3DCS Report using Google Sheets in addition to Microsoft Excel. 
  • Available Distributions: Normal, Uniform, Triangle, and Trapezoid distributions are now available in GD&T Options and Move Floats.
  • GeoFactor Analyzer and Critical Tolerance Identifier functions are available in DVM.

Google Suite Support

  • 3DCS support for Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides
  • Write\Read SpreadSheet, Report Generation,...


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