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New 3DCS Version 7.9 -- Find Out What's Inside

May 25, 2022 3:36:31 PM

3DCS Version 7.9 New Features and Updates Webinar 

Join DCS tomorrow, Thurs May 26th for the 1st part of the 3DCS Version 7.9 Webinar Series to see what the new major release of 3DCS delivers


The new version of 3DCS Version 7.9 is now available!


Request New Version - 3DCSThe new version of 3DCS brings quality of life improvements, new features, and updates. To see all of the new features, join DCS for a 2 part webinar series to see the new version live. 

In the first part, you'll see:

  • V5\3DX with Model Navigator
  • 3DCS Tree Hiding Empty Parts
  • Model Navigator \ Branch Tree
  • Simulation Convergence
  • Normality Testing
  • Thermal Scaling
  • Improved Iteration Move

V5\3DX with Model Navigator

3DCS for CATIA V5 (CAA V5 Based) and the 3DEXPERIENCE are being updated with new Model Navigators to make it easier to find your parts, features, and MTM's. We'll be showing the new interface and how it can help you organize your models to improve model navigation. 

Tree Navigator Update - 3DCS 7.9

3DCS Tree Hiding Empty Parts


Ever have a ton of parts in a product (like an aircraft wing or automotive assembly)? Wouldn't it be nice if you could just hide all the parts you aren't working on, so that it would be easier to focus on what you are working on?

Check out this new quality of life feature to help you focus on what you're working on, without having to constantly scroll through all of your parts and features. 

Model Navigator \ Branch Tree

Reorganize your model to help focus on key groupings, or hone in on sub-assemblies and components. We're trying to make it easier to see what you're working on, and not have it buried in your model.

Simulation Convergence

3DCS Convergence is designed to help the user determine how many samples to run to ensure the results are within a predefined  interval. 

Simulation Convergence - 3DCS 7.9

Normality Testing

The consistency of Normality Testing has been improved in this release. Come see what we've done!

Thermal Scaling

How does temperature affect your components? Thermal Scaling adds an easy-to-use function to quickly see how your parts and assemblies might be affected by Temperature giving you insight into your risks of non-conformance. 

  • Impacts Features based on Temperature and  Thermal Expansion Coefficient.

Thermal Scaling - 7.9

Improved Iteration Move

New updates to the Iteration Move provide tools to tackle advanced setups like:


  • Improved convergence speed compared to the previous method. 
  • Also suitable for functions that only have one-sided values, e.g., true distance.

Bracketing Secant (Regula Falsi)

  • It is usually faster than Bisection because of the way it calculates the convergence steps (storing the previous two values).

Come See the Event Live Tomorrow, or

Click Below After the Event to Watch On-Demand


Signing up will automatically add you to Part 2 -- June 23rd

What's in Part 2?

  1. Feature Angle Measure 
  2. GD&T Help 
  3. Tree Linking Wizard,  Minimum linking rules 
  4. Feature Linking Wizard 
  5. Dll Action Tree 
  6. Contributor Analysis Enhancement
  7. DVM & MVM Enhancement 
  8. Google Suite Support 



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