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Back to Basics: How to Quickly Add Points, Moves and Tolerances to Your 3DCS CAD Model

by Benjamin Reese, on Dec 13, 2017 1:15:50 PM

How to Quickly Add Points, Moves and Tolerances to Your 3DCS CAD Model

This Back to Basics article covers a number of ways to quickly add Moves, Tolerances and Points to a 3DCS model

Anyone who has worked with CAD knows that the most time consuming task is preparing the model for analysis. This process is the 'necessary evil' in order to get the results you need to make decisions and validate your GD&T. This is, of course, needed in order to model assembly joints and constraints that mimic the real world. There are, of course, ways of speeding up the process. 

(These tips and features are available in all versions of 3DCS: CATIA Integrated, NX Integrated, Creo Integrated, 3DEXPERIENCE [V6] and Multi-CAD)

Creating Points: Fast Point

Fast Point instantly creates a point, letting you add points to surfaces, edges and parts quickly or in succession. 

3DCS for CATIA V5 Fast Point Creation

This will allow you to quickly add points along an edge or surface, such as when you want to create multiple point to point measurements along a gap. 


Creating Moves Tolerances and Measures: Right Click Menu

Use the Right Click Menu to add new Moves, Tolerances and Measures to your model.

3DCS for CATIA V5 Right Click Menu

  • Add MTM's directly to the parent part
  • Insert new MTM's within an existing list
  • Add a tolerance directly to a feature


Duplicating Points? Use the Point Dialog Box

Use the Points Dialog Box to copy points quickly in your model.

3DCS for CATIA V5 Point Dialog Box

  • Used for copying individual points
  • Creates DCS Points

Keep your eyes out for more Back to Basics articles coming soon. 

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