Happy Holidays - Giving, Webinar Schedule, SME, and Humor

Dec 15, 2021 12:36:54 PM
Happy Holidays to You and Your Family
2021 was a strange year, and full of worries and loss. We at DCS hope you and your family are safe and healthy.
At DCS, we have strived to help those we can in our community and our company. During the pandemic, DCS did its best to help keep those who were let go employed and moved to a remote work environment to promote good health and safety.
I am happy to say, that despite the pandemic and shortages, DCS has had a good year. This is only because of you, our friends, partners, and clients, and the work that you do every day to make better products, and help improve the lives of others. With all our heart, we want to thank you and wish you a happy holiday season.
Giving Back to the Community
At DCS, we feel strongly about our community. During the holidays, in particular, it is important to remember those less fortunate and to offer a helping hand.
As part of this effort, DCS supports the Community Housing Network every year in their outreach to help families find affordable housing, food, and support, and to have some extra help during the holiday season.
Community Housing Network is a nonprofit organization committed to providing homes for people in need through proven strategies of homelessness prevention, housing assistance and development, community education and referral, advocacy, and additional services. We carry out our work in primarily Southeast Michigan.
We help people who are homeless, people with disabilities, and anyone in a housing crisis. Our Housing Resource Center, a one-stop-shop for all things housing, directs people to resources at Community Housing Network and other organizations. We collaborate closely with our community partners to provide the highest level of service possible to those who need it most.
If you can, please support your local charities and non-profits, and if able, provide what help you can.
If you'd like to help the Community Housing Network, you can contact them here or you can reach out to Carrie Zink (czink@3dcs.com) at DCS to provide support.
 2022 Webinar Series Schedule

January 27

3DCS 7.8.1 - Groups, Chordal Mesh, GD&T Dim Loc, Pattern-Fit, Best-Fit, Sequence Optimization Grouping

February 24

Advances in Gear Modeling - Multi-Stage Gear Train Variation Analysis with NEW Whitepaper

March 17

QDM and Metrologic - Inspection and Quality Management Connection

April 28

QDM and 3DCS Virtual Build \ Shop Floor* [Fitting Solution] & Importing 3DCS Measurement Points

May 26

3DCS 7.9 Part 1 - Simulation Convergence, Thermal Expansion, Angle Measurement

June 23

3DCS 7.9 Part 2 -Model Navigator with Branch Tree DVM & MVM

[Titles and Topics Subject to Change]

SME Celebrates a Strong Year in Southeast Michigan
SME Prepares for the New Year
Our metro Detroit SME Chapter 69 held its 2022 Board Installation and Holiday social yesterday. We were fortunate to have Robert Willig, SME CEO and Executive director as well as SME officials Sheronda L. C. and Chelsea Kinjorski. Thank you for your support!
Interesting fact: SME Metro Detroit is the largest chapter of SME in the US!
SME hosts various events and outreach throughout the year, including AERODEF, RAPID in Detroit for additive manufacturing, FABTECH Mexico, FABTECH Canada, and more.
Need a Laugh? Find Out if Your Thanksgiving Quality is in Compliance
We all know that quality departments make sure that every part made at any manufacturing plant is perfect. We know this because the CAD model shows us how the parts fit, and their exact dimensions, and of course, when made, those parts always conform to those exact specifications as long as you measure them and file the measurements away in a closet, or drawer, or whatever.
The point is, having a quality department ensures that your parts are perfect every time, and we can use this same mindset along with buzzwords to ensure that all other aspects of our lives are also perfect, especially the holidays. 
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